The Thin Black Line

Black is back (was it ever gone?), but this time its use is judiciously measured. No longer relegated the support role as a moody backdrop or called fleetingly to the stage as a cameo accent, the colour spectrum’s broodiest hue is star of the show when used to portray compositional elements and silhouette their graphic lines.

Tribal Rights

For the love of Africa, we bring you a trend close to our roots, Tribal Rights. The call of the Mother Continent continues to seduce in 2016 with inspiration now taken from Southern Africa. The rich patterning and saturated colours of Ndebele wall art enter modern interiors, where the emphasis falls squarely on symmetry and repetition.

Sacred Space

The exploding global population has put space at a premium, its efficient use now mandatory. Every square inch of the home is considered valuable real estate, and none more so than in urban dwellings where footprints are small and living is compact.

Pearl Ardour

The subtle pinks and purples, blues and yellows that are splintered through the kaleidoscopic facets of a diamond are introduced to the new season’s all-white schemes, adding iridescence where once there was austerity.

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