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Caesarstone is the original quartz surface manufacturing company, and also the name of our luxury engineered quartz surface product. Caesarstone is ideal for virtually any interior surface from kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and stairs, to wall panelling and interior furniture.Caesarstone offers the widest range of colours and designs and comes with a generous warranty.
Carine’s Gemstone Jewelry
"Every woman wants and has the right to wear gemstone jewelry of high quality which is affordable.
I offer ruby, morganite, sapphire, topaz, citrin, amethyst, apatite, kunzite and rare gemstones set in gilded, rodinated or platinated sterling silver.
The handmade jewelry comes with a detailed certificate with all relevant information.
It is my passion to offer top quality jewelry at very competitive prices making my customer happy every single day!"
Carry On & Co
"We are a brand born out of a love for this incredible planet we call home. We pride ourselves in creating unique, earth-friendly bamboo handbags and other trinkets for the mindful consumer.

Our products, materials and processes are all designed to reduce our impact on the environment, while staying timeless and beautiful."
Carte-Blanche Design
Carte-Blanche Design is a social enterprise based in Harfield Village that empowers local seamstresses and supports small business development through the production of bags, shirts, aprons and teddy bears from cotton shweshwe. We also sell cards and notebooks made from recycled paper, making a purchase from Carte-Blanche Design an environmentally and ethically responsible choice.
We at Cas Tiles have the latest trends in local and international tiles. Our buyers are painstakingly specific when building our catalogue of products, and we go to great lengths to only select the best quality tiles and sanware from around the world. If you are looking for the best tiles and sanware in Durban from leading markets in Germany, Spain and Italy, then we are your number one choice.
Cheeky Churros
Cheeky Churros is a mobile dessertery serving delicious gourmet churros with a variety of toppings. Hire us for your next special event!
"Cinema Architects Vereeniging specializes in the planning, design, supply, installation, integration, concealment and control of automated electronic systems for the modern, intelligent home.
Our relentless quest to bring the live-performance of sound and image into the realm of high-end audio and video, dates back almost four decades. Setting no time line and sparing no expense, we see to it that every detail is attended to, every innovative idea is pursued and every expectation is surpassed. "
Citiq Prepaid
Started in 2010, Citiq Prepaid has become the leading and fastest growing prepaid meter and utility vending system provider for landlords, property managers and developers in South Africa. The proprietary Citiq Prepaid vending system enables property owners and landlords, as well as their tenants, to access detailed reports to track and manage water and electricity consumption efficiently.
Manufacturer of Gypsum plaster mouldings for interior decorating of homes and commercial buildings, Ceiling and wall decorative mouldings such as cornices, wall moulds, ceiling roses, wall brackets ect. Hand carved 3-D Art made with clay,plaster,LED lighting ect. We have 40 years in the industy. The products are made with bio degradable materials and have a life time guarantee.
Manufacturer of Plaster Mouldings
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