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Faizals Flame Grilled
Our food is all halaal and flamed grilled
FBUMA (Furniture Bedding and Upholstery Manufacturers Associations)
FBUMA (Furniture Bedding and Upholstery Manufacturers Association) serves as the collective entity of employers (businesses) in our Industry and is therefore registered (in terms of the Labour Relations Act) as an Employers Organisation. FBUMA represents its members in collective bargaining with Unions at Industry level. These negotiations take place at the Furniture Bargaining Council and include negotiations of wages and conditions of service for the majority of employers in our Industry. Members consist of Furniture manufacturers, Furniture Transporters, Furniture Showrooms and Factories.
Fenster Aluminium Windows and Doors

Fenster Aluminium is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality double glazed aluminium windows, doors and façade systems, made from aluminium ensuring the highest durability in our climate conditions.Fenster Aluminium aims to provide customers with the highest quality bespoke and ready-made European-style aluminium doors and windows. Our commitment to product excellence is matched only by our commitment to exceptional customer service, which is supported by an informed, innovative and dedicated leadership team and staff."
FG Frameless Glass
Stackable Frameless Glass Doors and Security Shutters
Our goal is not o be the biggest cheese company - just the best company with great tasting cheese
"Fiona’s Fashions is the Fabric Store for varied collection of quality and beautiful fabrics for Dress, Curtain, Upholstery. We house a full range Haberdashery department. We stock Bed-linen, Ready Made Curtains, Blinds, Wall Papers and Wall Coverings. Our services includes Curtain Making and installation; Re-upholstery for worn & old upholstery and the installation of Wall Papers.
Our stock caters for the general populace and for premium brands such as Polo, Linen House, Pierre Cardin, Fire Retardant One Fabrics and the best of Europe imported into South Africa for your use."
Footprint Architecture and Design
"Footprint Architecture and Design, established in August of 2015, recognises a growing need within the industry where the client’s vision and investment is handled in a truly professional manner and is afforded the necessary energy, time and attention that an exclusive design requires. We address this by dedicating an established professional to your project, from design inception through to building completion. This facilitates in a streamlined, thorough and holistic process which culminates in an exceptional final product.

This client-focused approach ensures undivided attention, constant collaboration, expert guidance and a meaningful working relationship with your architect, thus resulting in a memorable and rewarding experience for you the client.

Franke South Africa
"Franke South Africa is the world’s leading manufacturer of intelligent solutions. Using precision Swiss engineering, our products our manufactured from Stainless Steel which ensures the finest quality and durability.
Designed with the end-user in mind, Franke boasts a comprehensive range of Sinks, Mixers, Accessories, Waste Management Products, Worktops, Bathroom Accessories and Bathroom Mixers.
Fundi Light & Living
"Fundi light & living was born in 2007 out of the need for a locally designed and hand crafted range of décor products that were stylish, had a unique signature, and were commercially accessible.

All our products are made right here in SA at our factory. It has become easy to import something, mostly of inferior quality, we like to put a bit more effort into sourcing local materials, creating local employment and sustaining our economy.

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Bringing Local to Light
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