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GBCSA (Green Building Council South Africa)
"The Green Building Council South Africa is one of 75 members of the World Green Building Council alongside Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2007,we are a dedicated team working in collaboration with industry bodies, leaders, government departments and professionals to develop market-based green building solutions for the transformation of the South African property industry.

We are a member based organisation whose core focus is green building certification and training. We advocate for all buildings to be designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable manner."
Genessi & Green Coil
Past Meets Present, to create the future. Green Coil offers luxury crafted mattresses. Quality comes through patience and perseverance. Where Genessi offers 5 reasons for a better sleep. Pressure Free, Better Posture, Super Durable & Hygenic - Sleep Well, Live Better
GHASA (Guestt House Accomodation of South Africa)
"GHASA was originally established as an association (Section 21, not for profit) in 1992, when a group of establishment owners got together to promote the Guest House Industry.

The association was subsequently privatised in 2000 and we’re now known as Guest House Accommodation of SA (GHASA).

Over the past couple of decades, GHASA has become well known as experts in Quality Guest House Accommodation, offering many benefits, assistance and valued advice to members, as well as booking opportunities for travellers."
GIFA (Gauteng Institute of Architects)
We are a voluntary association affiliated to the South African Institute of Architects and endorsed by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.
Global Wellness Enterprises
"Get The Best In The Industry
Do you want to improve your general health and wellness? Or are you interested in starting your own business? When it comes to the Ozone and Slimming Industry, look no further.

We have the solutions you need.

At Global Wellness Enterprises, we place the highest value on delivery of Excellent Customer Service, with a commitment to business transparency, quality and integrity. The size of the investment from our clients makes no difference – every client can expect only the best service and advice, no matter their purchase. Not only is it our goal to spread awareness of Ozone Technology, and improve our client’s general health and wellness, but we also strive to improve their Financial Wellness by offering business opportunities where they can both contribute to helping others and create their own successful businesses."
We sell massage machines. That includes hand massages, cushions and foot massages
Grecoline Aluminium
"Grecoline supplies a wide range of superior quality European aluminium products nationwide and to the African market. Our powder coated aluminium windows and doors are custom-made, energy efficient, weather and soundproof and use single, double or triple-glazing. Grecoline utilizes the best hardware and accessories to achieve optimized safety while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and elegant design.
Other products include: Shutters, manual or automated roller shutters, insect screens, balustrades, curtain wall systems, entrance and Interior doors and blinds within the glazing.
"Stewardship of the Earth and it’s resources is a founding value of our organisation. We are committed to bringing you world-class ENERGY EFFICIENT solutions to your project or home.

Our brand reflects these values and we stand for unsurpassed excellence and class leading innovation in our specialist areas. We embrace change while staying relevant in a more environmentally conscious world. Short-term compromise or gain fails to consider the future and our inherent responsibilities towards this Earth.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to the responsible use of our resources, through cutting edge energy efficient solutions, recycling, innovation and more, to ensure real time savings in the present and that we leave this Planet in a prosperous condition for future generations.

Our business is founded on the principles of Integrity, Stewardship, Innovation, Purpose and Timelessness. We strive for this achievement in every single project based on the pillars of responsibility, excellence, focus, history and innovation."
Guy Luck makes unique modern style mechanical clocks.The clocks are his own design and he makes all the parts himself except for a few components which he has to out source.
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