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iFloors is an established supply and instillation group that specialises in Laminate, Carpet and Vinyl flooring. Providing homeowners, hospitality developers, builders, designers and architects with the very best in international flooring.

iFloors is passionately committed to delivering quality products and service for all your flooring needs. Whether a shell at a construction site or a one bedroom apartment, no matter how big or small the project or budget, iFloors has the right solution tailored for you.
In Between The Lines
"In between the lines shares how architecture has an impact towards people's way of living and how socio-economics contributes to the misinterpretation of what planners hope for, for our future cities.
Same might see it as Art, some a depiction of urban design & mix media, others will approach it as a controversial dialogue, that will hopefully change how people look at architecture, urban design and socio- economical aspects that have an influence to human nature."
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