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Kabu Design Architects
"Kabu Design Architect’s (KDA) company mission is to embark on architecture that is contextual to our South African landscape, yet enhancing the design edge with creative and unique work. This being achieved through excellence as a hallmark for all that we stand for. Our Firm also hopes to create and develop a currently nonexistent spatial
understanding of African Dwellings. This being done in a modern and contemporary structure engineered to imbue our past as Africans, our rich inheritance, lush vegetation and modern influences appropriately contextualized.

Furthermore, we endeavor to meet our clients’ needs timeously and appropriately within the set budget constraints which we understand are integral in the process of building, renovating and upgrading one’s home. Finally, we are interested in architecture as whole. We understand that the industry is constantly evolving as is common in all spheres of design. It is for this reason that we aim to entrench ourselves within the South African architectural landscape exploring all aspects including residential, commercial, and social initiatives. As designers of places of dwelling for all humanities needs we aim not just for excellence but to transcend design theory through constant practice, growth
and initiative."
selling of tand springbuck and nguni skins and products made of this skins and leather
Kart creations
Kart creations is an art company that does mainly contemporary wildlife paintings. Our product is for locals and international buyers and also for 1st time art buyers, to art collectors as well as interior designers.
Hand made hand knotted carpets, hand woven shawls,Table cloths, Home Furnishings etc
"KAST concrete panels blend smart technologies with hand finishing to deliver a high-performance and low maintenance material that’s unique to the touch.
Its durability and robustness make it versatile enough to use for indoor and outdoor decorative surfaces, cladding systems and even facades. Further advantages include excellent thermal and sound insulation.
Due to its original and natural character, KAST’s high-performance concrete panels offer an attractive alternative to traditional off shutter concrete, stone, granite, marble and terracotta."
Katie Allen Decor & Design
"Our aim is to create interiors that are visually harmonious and deliver an expression of the personalities of the occupants. We ensure that we understand our clients needs, so that each design is a true reflection of our clients lifestyle. Within this framework we bring to bear our expertise in matching styles, furniture, fabrics, and colour.

Creating beautiful rooms that people love to live in..."
"Keith Hamilton has been making authentic wood burning PIZZA OVENS for many years. There are several styles and sizes which range from ideal for making a quick pizza to Sunday's slow roasted lamb or pork.
Keith also makes FIRE PITS AND BRAAIS in different sizes and finishes.
There is also a selection of mild steel and stainless steel accessories available for braais and pizza ovens.
King Trellis
King Trellis Security Barriers are custom designed and manufactured for your requirements, we believe in manufacturing the most robust product at the best possible price- no compromise!
Kipekee Studio
Kipekee Studio is a boutique woodworking company owned and operated by us, Michael and Kylie Bornman in our studio situated on the beautiful east coast. Together, we create original quality furniture; handcrafted with passion, care and most of all – love. In what seems to be a very complicated world we try to fulfil a minimal, natural and beautiful aesthetic with all our products being built to last. We seek to create meaningful items through simple yet sophisticated design, and above all, remain true to the natural aesthetic of the raw material we’re using.
At Kozi we’re passionate about selling furniture at affordable prices to a diversity of local customers. We produce modern furniture that is functional, durable and versatile. We offer trendy and innovative modular furniture pieces that can easily be interchanged and expanded. We offer various add on extras to enable you to make your furniture unique to your living space and taste. We also sell beautiful Sofa’s that have easy to remove and washable couch covers.
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