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Msquared Interior Design & Consultancy
MSQ is an interior design manufacturer that creates bespoke pieces for both home and corporate settings. Our ethos "Out of Nothing Comes Something' is central to our design ethos. Our organic approach is based on an answer to the environmental call to find sustainable long term solutions to prevent further environmental degradation. In this vein we utilise all that you would commonly overlook. Sculpture, mix media art and soft furnishings are crafted from elements found in our natural environment as well as the junk heap. It is here we draw our inspiration! from.
MU. Bespoke Design
We are a young couple based in the heart of Cape Town. As practicing architects, we both share a common love and passion for design.

MU specialises in bespoke design of interior décor items, with a predominant focus on; planters, candles and vases for now. Using concrete in its raw state, complimented with the contrast of copper and other metals, our key emphasis is placed on each product being individually handcrafted, giving each object its own personality.
South Africa's best selling artist Munro's artistic repertoire includes huge impressionist portraiture works, as well as figurative, naive, landscape, and abstract art. Munro’s inherent character dictates his style: he is fearlessly impulsive and approaches each canvas without hesitation, resulting in beautifully, spontaneous, underworked paintings.
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