“7Storeys offer either turn-key solutions or individual services to clients who want to built new homes, do renovations or build-ons. Our in-house services include Architecture, 3D Visualization, Quantity Surveying & Construction Project Management.

7Storeys works on residential, commercial & industrial projects.”
“We specialize in the Installation of Frameless Glass and Security Shutters, for those who want to view their world without constraints. Using advanced technology, materials and fittings, the frameless glass system is master crafted with clean lines and a superb finish.
Over the years we have developed, new more affordable Frameless Sliding Stack Away Doors and Security Shutters.
We offer the FG02 (Aluminium Security Shutters), FG03 (Sliding stack away doors) and the FG04 (Security Mesh) systems.
For your convenience, FG Frameless Glass, is now formally represented in Durban, with our Offices based in Waterfall.
“Footprint Architects recognises a growing need within the industry where the client’s vision and investment is handled in a truly professional manner and is afforded the necessary energy, time and attention that any exclusive design requires. From design inception through to building completion, each project is assigned to only 1 of our architects.

This client-focused approach ensures undivided attention, constant collaboration, expert guidance and a meaningful relationship with your architect, resulting in a memorable and rewarding experience for you the client.”
Kabu Design Architects
“Kabu Design Architect’s (KDA) company mission is to embark on architecture that is contextual to our South African landscape, yet enhancing the design edge with creative and unique work. This being achieved through excellence as a hallmark for all that we stand for. Our Firm also hopes to create and develop a currently nonexistent spatial
understanding of African Dwellings. This being done in a modern and contemporary structure engineered to imbue our past as Africans, our rich inheritance, lush vegetation and modern influences appropriately contextualized.

Furthermore, we endeavor to meet our clients’ needs timeously and appropriately within the set budget constraints which we understand are integral in the process of building, renovating and upgrading one’s home. Finally, we are interested in architecture as whole. We understand that the industry is constantly evolving as is common in all spheres of design. It is for this reason that we aim to entrench ourselves within the South African architectural landscape exploring all aspects including residential, commercial, and social initiatives. As designers of places of dwelling for all humanities needs we aim not just for excellence but to transcend design theory through constant practice, growth
and initiative.”
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