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Artland offers multiple services from art supplies, wide carriage printing, traditional and bespoke framing, artisan canvases, art logistics, art gallery and a passionate team ready to assist.
“Art is my escape – The path not to conform to the pattern of
our world. To express through various mediums where the
colours represent an emotion & mood. My travels through
Africa left me with countless images of desolated, cracked
lands but also dramatic, uninterrupted views of beautiful
skies that still inspire me. Poetry, parables and quotes form
the titles of my work and speak to the experiences I have
encountered or emotions I have lived through.”
Duarte Artists was launched in 2009. The Gallery is home to three artists, established artist Izidro Duarte (born in Portugal) and emerging artists Everett Duarte (born in South Africa) and Frances Schandera-Duarte (born in Germany). The three artists work with a multitude of mediums such as collage, painting, printmaking and sculpture. There large vibrant and dynamic collections are available to view in exhibitions in Europe and South Africa, The Gallery has exhibited extensively in Germany and Switzerland along with permanent collections in institutions and federations, recent art fairs include Art Innsbruck / Austria 2014 and Contemporary Art Zurich in 2016 ansd 2017.
Gerart Exclusive Art Gallery is Owned by the Artist himself. This Modern Upmarket Gallery exclusively focuses on Gerart’s artworks and is situated in the beautiful Franschhoek. Gerart is an Modern Contemporary Expressionist, his work is Vibrant, colourful, bold and exciting! To many he is already a household name in and around South-Africa and is taking the Art world abroad by storm.
Imani Gemstones
Imani Gemstones jewelry are made from carefully selected high grade gemstones, our designers reflect the richness and diversity of Africa through each of our products. Imani jewelries are hand crafted in Cape Town and they are made as per customer requirements.
In Between The Lines
“In between the lines shares how architecture has an impact towards people’s way of living and how socio-economics contributes to the misinterpretation of what planners hope for, for our future cities.
Same might see it as Art, some a depiction of urban design & mix media, others will approach it as a controversial dialogue, that will hopefully change how people look at architecture, urban design and socio- economical aspects that have an influence to human nature.”
Kart creations
Kart creations is an art company that does mainly contemporary wildlife paintings. Our product is for locals and international buyers and also for 1st time art buyers, to art collectors as well as interior designers.
RYAN AND JODIE run their own travelling art gallery from Cape Town called THE LOUBSER HOUSE ART GALLERY. They bring their art to the public by attending art shows all over South Africa. You will find a versatile range of both modern contemporary and traditional styles to suit all homes.
Marion Cross Gallery
“Marion Cross Gallery displays the work of one artist: Marion Cross.
Cape Town is the home of this artist who draws her inspiration from the fauna and flora, the architecture, street scenes and the people living here.
The work is often abstracted, making it the ideal paintings for private homes as well as the corporate environment. Marion has sold to many investors all over the world and is represented by galleries in Cape Town. The paintings are a true reflection of the artist’s love and knowledge of the media she is working in, full of life and energy.”
“Photographer, author, designer, visionary, teacher, inspirational speaker, philanthropist… Marlene’s creative vision and celebration of life is visible and felt through her awe inspiring photographs.
As a Master Fine Art Photographer, Marlene Neumann has broken through the boundaries of Fine Art Photography in South Africa and gained international recognition for inventing her unique black and white alternative darkroom process. Her photographs, inspirational talks, and creativity workshops have the power to emotionally shake and move an audience.”
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