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4EverOdd Pty (Ltd) promotes and markets South African artists through branding and merchandising. We aim to create a platform and brand that will become recognizable and associated with a specific genre and lifestyle. We are all things odd. Just ask Odd Bunny.
aAlice’s artwork depicts South African and iconic international buildings in a unique way. The aim of the work is to celebrate architecture and evoke historic and personal memories. aAlice, a practising architect from Pretoria is inspired by the relationship between the individual and the built environment. Her emotive work is suited for both home and office environments. Every piece is unique and original. Custom sizes can be ordered.
Alice Art Gallery is one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the Southern Hemisphere with a close knit relationship between Clients, Agents and Artists.
Artland offers multiple services from art supplies, wide carriage printing, traditional and bespoke framing, artisan canvases, art logistics, art gallery and a passionate team ready to assist.
“Art is my escape – The path not to conform to the pattern of
our world. To express through various mediums where the
colours represent an emotion & mood. My travels through
Africa left me with countless images of desolated, cracked
lands but also dramatic, uninterrupted views of beautiful
skies that still inspire me. Poetry, parables and quotes form
the titles of my work and speak to the experiences I have
encountered or emotions I have lived through.”
This is a combination of art making of different forms and a dealer of different kinds of art like sculpture, painting, beads and others
Duarte Artists was launched in 2009. The Gallery is home to three artists, established artist Izidro Duarte (born in Portugal) and emerging artists Everett Duarte (born in South Africa) and Frances Schandera-Duarte (born in Germany). The three artists work with a multitude of mediums such as collage, painting, printmaking and sculpture. There large vibrant and dynamic collections are available to view in exhibitions in Europe and South Africa, The Gallery has exhibited extensively in Germany and Switzerland along with permanent collections in institutions and federations, recent art fairs include Art Innsbruck / Austria 2014 and Contemporary Art Zurich in 2016 ansd 2017.
Elke le Roux Art & Ceramics
“Former architect Elke le Roux’s visual artistry draws inspiration from buildings, steel structures, patterns and figures. Her work includes original pen, ink and charcoal sketches including limited edition digital prints, bespoke ceramic bowls and fine porcelain jewellery like earrings and pendants.

Her original freehand pen and ink sketches range from large scale paintings/murals to smaller pen drawings which have characteristically detailed line-work.

Her ceramics are hand-crafted, functional and decorative art pieces taking on an organic form. She creates her own ongoing collections and bespoke pieces ranging from minimalistic abstract designs to more detailed themes i.e. pattern and architectural themes, including harbours or cities expressed on dinner plates.
All her jewellery pieces are individually handmade and painted and each item is uniquely carved, once off’s, locally produced and bespoke.
Gerart Exclusive Art Gallery is Owned by the Artist himself. This Modern Upmarket Gallery exclusively focuses on Gerart’s artworks and is situated in the beautiful Franschhoek. Gerart is an Modern Contemporary Expressionist, his work is Vibrant, colourful, bold and exciting! To many he is already a household name in and around South-Africa and is taking the Art world abroad by storm.
Gerdus Bronn Art
Modern colorful original watercolor paintings framed in back lit acrylic frames. This modern way of framing is new to South Africa. A must see at Decorex! Affordable prints of all work are also done on paper and canvas. All original work are painted by Gerdus Bronn who is an accomplished watercolor artist. His work is sought after all over the world. His work can also be seen at Hartbeespoortdam at the Rockshop after the show.
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