Artists & Photography

Alice Art Gallery represents over 100 South African artists, starting from young and upcoming artists all the way through to South African Old Masters.
Allderman POP UP gallery
allderman POPUP gallery adding magnificence to your space
Guy Luck makes unique modern style mechanical clocks.The clocks are his own design and he makes all the parts himself except for a few components which he has to out source.
Helmut Lübbert Artworks
“Helmut Lübbert, a fulltime artist from Pretoria, produce most outstanding paintings in Charcoal, acrylics and oil on canvas, in small, medium and large format.

Helmut excel in wildlife as his subject matter but also produce commission work. Anything from family portraits, pets and landscapes or that which is true to the clients heart.

The detail in his work is exquisite with a true life representation of the subject matter, bringing out its character in atmosphere and flair.
Kim Black Art
Kim Black – renowned South African Contemporary Artist
The Loubser Art Gallery was established in 2012 with Ryan & Jodie Loubser as the main artists. They’ve created this travelling art gallery to share their talent, influence the youth and represent our culture.
We manufacture leather products i.e.bags, laptop bags wallets and belts. They are made durable from different types of skins. ie cow skin, springbok, zebra and ostrich skins
Marion Cross Gallery
Marion Cross Gallery represents the artist: Marion Cross. Based in Cape Town, painting the life and surrounds of the city with a difference; the work is an interpretation of the obvious in an expressive abstract manner. The subject matter covers floral as well as urban scenes, portraiture and landscape. Having won several awards and being the featured artist in the October 2018 issue of the ‘South African Artist’ magazine, the work evolves in a process of continuous study and discovery. Marion Cross has a Fine Art degree from UNISA as well as a ‘Postgraduate Painting Diploma in Painting’ with distinction from WITS. Travelling and workshops beyond South Africa have influenced and contributed to a most unique form of painting which can be called ‘typically Marion’.
Marlene Neumann Fine Art Photography
Master Fine Art Photographer Marlene Neumann’s exclusive collection of images covers a vast range of subjects. Her unique darkroom and black and white photographs are available in various sizes. Her images transform work and living spaces in South Africa and abroad.
Manufacturing of recycled wire baskets for decorating and household use
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