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Manufacturers & suppliers of concrete cast Flagstones, Cobble, Wall Cladding and Specialized Architectural Concrete Products.
HLP Construction
“Building, or even altering, your own home is quite possibly the most exciting and rewarding venture for anyone to undertake… and it all starts with selecting the right builder.

There’s an old saying that between cost, speed and quality you can get any two – but not the third! If you are fair with your definition of speed, we believe you can at HLP Construction!

We have worked hard on our reputation for high quality, fair cost, and reasonable time frame. You can always be assured that we share your values and concerns and will use our expertise for your benefit.

Your new home will bring the increased value you expect, comfort you deserve and aesthetic elegance you have earned.”
Solar MD
Solar MD supplies & develops lithium-ion battery technology. These lithium-ion batteries integrate with traditional solar power to store energy from the sun during the day, the stored energy is later used in the evening or during power outages. Solar MD lithium-ion batteries can be used with or without solar PV providing seamless power back up when you need it most. Solar MD offers complete clean energy storage solutions for your home & business, allowing you to generate, store & use your own renewable energy.
Totem Kitchens
Totem sets the standard in manufacturing and installing expertly crafted designer kitchens, bars, built-in-cupboards and bathroom vanities.

Our management team has a combined experience of over 90 years in making dream kitchens and cabinetry a reality. We ensure that your installation is smooth and stress-free.
Valens Construction & Renovation
Our experience includes small home developments or renovations, as well as various larger projects in commercial construction, where we work closely with clients to set up budgets and timeframes to suit the individual needs of the client, and to ensure top quality work and proffesional service at all times. We also offer project management.
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