Food & Wines

We specialise in promoting luxury holidays at private game reserves and hotels all over South Africa.
Cafe Medina
“Cafe Medina is known for its best food prepared from the charcoal fire such as :Chicken Tikka
Seekh Kebabs
Chicken Roti Rolls
and Chicken Bhoti(nuggets)
Come in to experience the tantalising taste and satisfy your tastebuds!”
Cheeky Churros
“Cheeky Churros is a pop up dessert stall specializing in gourmet churros. We use the best ingredients so that you can experience churro heaven!

All our churros are coated in cinnamon sugar and served with a variety of topping options.”
CoffeeMM Roastery
“CoffeeMM supply premium Arabica roasted gourmet coffee to restaurants, hotels and companies. Our coffee is sourced from reputable farms in African countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi, and also Indonesia and Brazil).
Established by a civil engineering student from Stellenbosch University (Western cape, South Africa).
The company also sponsor local sportive events to empower communities.”
Faizals Flame Grilled
At Faizal’s Flame Grilled we’re on a mission, to win over our customers one by one by giving them an honest down-to-earth meal they can trust. Our chickens are 100% flame grilled, and marinated with only natural ingredients, so our customers know they’ve made the “smart choice”!
fine cheese from around the word made from cows and goats milk all natural and the best haloumi with tre flavours.
Flavourex Fine Artisan Cheese
“We have been producing high quality natural cheese for over 20 years
With generations of family cheese making knowledge, our goal is to continue making the most flavorful and highest quality cheese. Our secret is that we still use handcrafting techniques which bring out flavors that giant automated manufacturers could never duplicate.Taste our various flavours. Our natural ingredients will tickle and tempt your sensations.”
Gloria Jean’s Coffees
Provides a deluxe coffee experience with hot and cold coffee based beverages as well as a gourmet cake and dessert selection.
“specialised in roasting nuts with a copper rotating kiln
caramelised nuts with Vanilla & cinnamon flavour
Yogurt coated nuts – coffee flavour roasting – chocolate coated – roasted salted – Periperi
Macadamia – cashews – pecan- almonds – Giant peanuts”
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