Health & Pamper

Click Me is a re-usable Heat Pad, based on a non-toxic solution called Sodium Acetate. Our product used widely with orthopaedics and doctors also many people depend on our products for back pain, neck tension sport injury and much more.
Healthway’s signature products are Detox Therapy & Mineral Clay, which have been very successfully used on various skin problems, such as eczema, pimples & acne, psoriasis. Healthway is beginning to become known as the ‘go to’ company when everything else fails. We now have established a following of discerning people who are wanting to move away from using preservatives and chemicals in their skin care products. We have a range of moisturisers and cleansers, soaps to cater for this increasingly growing need.
Lifta Stairlifts SA (Pty) Ltd
As a traditional family business, Lifta Stairlifts SA has the backing of its mother company, which has already been selling Stairlifts for the last 4 decades. Lifta Germany has, since the beginning of the 80’s, been on the forefront when it comes to innovation and futuristic technology of Stairlifts. This is the reason why we can offer the highest European quality and design, combined with a local, personal excellent service.
Lou.K manufactures women’s TAKKIES. Specialising in footbed health benefits and fun canvas print designs which allows for the perfect on trend casual footwear. Different styles and fabric designs keep the range fresh. 100% South African Product.Podiatry Association of South Africa Approval
Organico specialises in, ultrasonic aroma health diffusers with very exciting additions coming soon. Our range includes certified organic essential oils, synergy blends and a whole lot more. Our products are different, innovative, interesting functional and provide an excellent holistic approach to health.
Perfect Aire
“Do you battle with Ashma, Hayfever or Sinus ? Do you love fresh smelling spaces?
Perfect Aire Purifying Units add beautiful fragrances and remove all air-born micro-particles, viruses and bacteria out of the air.
German design at its best. Microbe-shield kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. SABS tested and approved.”
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