Craft Collective

Showcasing the country's premium handmade products



As artisanal design continues to gain currency around the world, Decorex SA showcases this with the Craft Collective pavilion, where the focus is on quality, commercial sustainability and sophisticated crafted items.

Owned by Decorex SA, Craft Collective is a comprehensive showcase of the unique handmade lifestyle products being created by talented craftsmen and women around South Africa.

A stringent curation process by a panel of experts will ensure that the level of craftsmanship on show will position this pavilion as South Africa’s premier craft showcase within the exhibition industry.

Craft Collective exhibitors gain exposure to the local and international buyers who visit Decorex Cape Town and Decorex Joburg each year. The next phase of development will see the Craft Collective team pursuing international expansion opportunities.

In order to take Decorex SA’s craft exhibition to a new level, curators ensure that all products brought to the show are of handmade South African origin, that they are design-focused, manufactured to the highest standards and environmentally-friendly. All exhibitors need to adhere to the principles of Fair Trade.

As with all other design disciplines, craft needs to find a level at which it is sustainable. We aim to present a collection of craft that is unique, world class and a valuable addition to Decorex Cape Town and Decorex Joburg. With our commitment to stringent curation of the new-look craft exhibition and the support of the Decorex SA infrastructure, Craft Collective should be an opportunity for these exhibitors to introduce their work to the local and international commercial world.

Show dates

Decorex Cape Town: 24 – 27 April 2015
Decorex Joburg: 6 – 10 August 2015


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