6 tips to make the best of a small bedroom

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Think that just because your bedroom is tiny that it can’t also be gorgeous? Think again, as on homify they are all about style. The trick to turning that small bedroom into something worthy of a “wow” is to make use of the little bit of space that you do have in the best way possible. That includes keeping furnishings scaled to the room and, most importantly, not being afraid to show off your decorating skills.

Let’s delve into a few tried-and-tested style tips, and also discover two South African decorating teams that can turn any space (small or large) into something stunning. 



  1. Save floor space with built-ins
    Every bit of legroom counts in a small bedroom. Thus, save some floor space by opting for built-in elements and wall-mounted pieces, as shown in this modern stunner with its floating bedside tables which are beautifully connected to the headboard. 

    The professionals behind this ingenious design? AB Design from Cape Town, an interior design firm which specialises in high-end residential beauty, product design, creative interior spaces, and turnkey solutions to ensure your residential space is not just beautiful and practical, but also speaks of your personal style. 


  2. Get it right with neutrals

    Say what you will about beiges, off-whites and greys, but the point is that these neutrals and earthy tones know how to flaunt a spacious and stylish look. And with a quiet colour palette, it’s so easy to add character and detail via a pattern here and there, as is evidenced by the focal wall behind the bed, as well as the stone-grey carpet. 


  3. Look for ways to make your small space special

    A small bedroom might not present the same amount of style opportunities as a large one, but you can still flaunt a pretty interesting look. Go for eye-catching lighting fixtures, an unusual headboard, a beautifully upholstered chair, a patterned rug or carpet, eye-catching scatter cushions, artwork that show off your personality, etc. Your bedroom is your most personal space in your entire house, so decorate it with what makes you happy!

    Just don’t overdo it – every piece you bring into the room will eat up more visual space. 

    This small-yet-stunningly-styled bedroom comes to us from Just Interior Design, another Cape Town-based interior design company. With projects completed in both the residential and commercial industries, this firm is skilled at translating the client’s interests and desires into spaces that speak of personality, style and substance.


  4. Try light and bright colours

    White is a clever choice for any small space, seeing as it makes a room look brighter and more open. And if your small bedroom happens to have large windows that usher in buckets of natural light, then that white colour palette will just positively glow! 

    To keep your small, white bedroom from looking too clinical or cold, add a contrasting tone or two (anything matches with white, luckily!). And don’t skimp on the different textures and patterns for some elegant drama.  

  5. Add mirrors that magnify

    Since mirrors can take up no floor space, feel free to go big! Position a large one just right so that it reflects the light of a window. Or find one that pulls double duty, as this extraordinary one which is also an eye-catching headboard. 


  6. Forget about a bulky bed frame

    Say goodbye to that footboard-style bed frame and opt for a simple, less-is-more design to free up visual space. And since there is no rule which states you have to have a headboard, see what else you can position above your bed – like a beautiful painting, a floating shelf (great for storage and displaying some keepsakes), or even a brightly painted window! 

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