Trending: Sustainable Product Design

Article by: Mo’s Crib

There has never been a more important time to preserve our natural resources and the environment we live in such as now. Amongst many other trends in design, there is one such trend that we know is not a fad and that is manufacturing products from sustainable material.

Mo’s Crib

Mo’s Crib Origami Swan Sculptures

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Your guide to creating a stress-free home

Article by Homify

There’s a lot to be said for stress, apart from the fact that most of us seem to have it these days! For one thing, the right type and amount of stress can actually be a good thing, like worrying about meeting a deadline at work can propel you to put in a little extra time and, thus, perform better. 

Guest Bedroom: Bedroom by Tru Interiors


But too much stress can affect us quite terribly, especially when it comes to both our physical and mental health, including depression, lack of energy, and a higher risk of cholesterol and heart attack. That is why it is crucial to cut down on stressful situations where possible, especially at home. Home is supposed to be a safe and stress-free space where one relaxes, recharges, and spend quality time with loved ones. That puts a rather important emphasis on the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and any other space in the home, doesn’t it?

But what do you do when ‘home’ is one of the areas in your life that enhances your stress levels? Then you should really follow the examples of professional interior designers and look at doing the following…  

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Timeless nursery trends

Article by Paper La Fleur

Expecting a little one … with no idea where to start with the nursery. This is where I found myself two years ago. I knew I wanted to create a space that was cozy but chic at the same time. So cue the online frenzy to find decor and the never-ending-pinterest-board overload.

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