Award-winning stand at Decorex 2019 JHB

Article by: Maxfine, TBAD Architects, Luxury Living

Xperience luXury

When Theo Bothma from TBAD Architects and design was approached by Luxury Living and Maxfine to collaborate and design a stand for Decorex JHB 2019, he believed that instead of a straight forward collaboration and entirely new and exciting concept brand could be created. The concept of Xperience luXury was born, and the concept was to show an entire living space, including a kitchen, living area functional modern wardrobe and a bathroom. Many homes are getting smaller, and this showcase had to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, particularly those that appreciate luxury and finer living.

The mission statement for the project was:

Luxury is what happens when great architecture, fine design, great products and the finest craftsmanship combine to forge an experience that entices all the senses. A setting that stands apart from the norm, an interior that masterfully combines aesthetics with human-centred functionality.

Coming up with a small functional space is often a challenge, and adding a bathroom would be particularly challenging adds Bothma. Most exhibitions stand both locally and globally will showcase a bedroom and bathroom or a kitchen and living area, but we decided to push the boundaries. Through many conceptualisations, we were able to position the bathroom behind the kitchen, which provided a natural barrier between the two areas while allowing for water connection to be housed together.

The design starting point for the space was to look at the Maxfine finishes: the claddings, flooring, countertops and vanities as well as the functional elements like the taps. We wanted a contemporary interior that was understated yet luxurious through the use of the materials and subtle detailing. The kitchen was a combination of industrial styling and textural aesthetics. We combined the Nero Marquina, Calacatta of Onyx with darker Walnut finishes creating a soothing warmth to the overall look. The steel mesh just added the industrial touch by contracting with the other materials. The intention was to show future clients the importance of combining products and finishes instead of going for the standardised approach of only using 2 or 3 different finishes. The kitchen was finished off with Walnut, mono coated kitchen cupboards that were fitted with Blum runners and accessories. Luxury Living’s perfect craftsmanship resulted in an immaculate product that was both beautiful and functional.

The bathroom showcased a seamless flow between shower and vanity which was also unique in appearance. The flow continues towards the open wardrobe, which is practical yet has a unique aesthetic of showing off the clothing. We believe that homes should not be clinical but rather highlight an individual lifestyle, Bothma explains.

The living area comprises of selective Italian furniture as well as a uniquely designed coffee table, which cements the space together without it looking cluttered. The lighting within the space was as important as any other element and a part of architectural design most commonly overlooked. 

As a collaborative team, we were delighted with the outcome and even more ecstatic when we were awarded the best overall stand at Decorex 2019.