It’s not often that a colour can be a statement maker unto its own. The bold Ultra Violet named the 2018 Pantone Colour of the Year is certainly staking its claim in fashion, décor and lifestyle items across the world.

Use purple for a striking décor statement

The colour embodies non-conformity, imagination and experimentation, pushing boundaries and challenging the norm.

Embrace this luxurious colour and be in the company of royalties and the dramatically provocative creatives such as Prince, David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix who favoured the colour as an expression of their individually.

For high impact and ultimate sophistication consider a purple wall, wall paper or a luxurious velvet couch. Teamed with palm leaf motif, leather, a touch of yellow or warm bronze you can transform your living room in an instant. To soften an all out purple explosion team with gold, blue and floral accents or if you are too timid consider this regal hue in art and photographic prints, scatter cushions, throws and plush vintage rugs.

Pongrácz Noble Nectar

Purple has even become a style-icon amongst Méthode Cap Classiques with the daringly different Pongrácz Noble Nectar. The perfect indulgence to enjoy with your new found style décor, the beautifully shaped purple-hued bottle stands out and illuminates when placed under UV-light to create show-stopping dazzle.

The sweet seduction of delicate bubbles, creamy citrus notes and juicy pear and litchi flavours, are simply irresistible.  Stepping away from the norm, this Demi-Sec is a spectacular addition to the Pongrácz range made in the traditional French method of allowing secondary fermentation to take place in the bottle.

Pongrácz Noble Nectar

Article courtesy of Pongrácz