3 Tips to staying on Trend in 2018 with Yard Seventeen

Yard Seventeen started from a desire to create beautiful furniture from beautiful timber.   They wanted their furniture to have a story of its own.  Reclaimed timber has that unique story. Over 100 years old, no two pieces of timber are alike. This gives depth and a unique character to each piece. Whether its shape is slightly irregular, the rough-hewn texture is varied, or there are some exposed knots, notches, or nails in the wood from a previous life.  This all adds to the uniqueness of the material and the richness of the story.

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Make 2018 a Golden Year: 5 Luxe GOLD Chandeliers to die for

Lighting is a very important aspect of every home! It can make all the difference in a room, bringing it all together. This year the trends are towards making your lighting a key element instead of a complementary piece.  And there is no better way to do this, than by adding the Midas touch, with a luxe GOLD chandelier.

Golden metallics are a modern-day must-have, with a variety of chandeliers available from those trimmed in sunny yellow hues, brushed gold, or radiant rose gold tones. If the shiny, yellow gold light fittings do not appeal to you, then opt for the soft gold designs with matte finishes.  Soft gold fittings can blend in with either the modern urban home or the traditional farmhouse.  This is the magic of GOLD – it has the seamless ability to complement all styles of décor.

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Decorex Durban Reveals Fresh Features for 2018 Show

While international trends and styles filter throughout the décor, design and lifestyle industries, it’s always interesting to witness how these global preferences are interpreted at a local level. Decorex Durban – sponsored by Plascon – promises a strong design-focused exhibition for 2018 with 15 leading designers collaborating with industry experts to curate on-trend spaces that encapsulate the #rhythmoflife theme. Visitors to Decorex Durban, taking place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 21 to 25 March, will get to experience these décor and design masterpieces in a number of vibrant new features that add some local flavour to global trends.

Setting the tone
Colour will splash across to the Decorex Designer Spotlight feature as Paige Waplington, owner of Redesign Interiors and CEO of the African Institute of Interior Design, crafts a unique space, reminiscent of a hotel room. Paige and her team will create some bespoke furniture pieces in this standout installation.

(Image credit: Redesign Interiors)

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Decorex Durban Boosts Local Designers’ Décor Careers

Establishing an interior design company is a daunting undertaking for even the most talented professionals as it can prove challenging trying to stand out as a key player. In the past 17 years, Decorex Durban – sponsored by Plascon – has provided a much-needed boost for local careers, and this year’s exhibition, taking place at the Durban Exhibition Centre from 21 to 25 March should prove no different. There are many companies who have found Decorex to be extremely beneficial, we talk to two from Durban – namely Ruth Duke Interior Design and Redesign Interiors.

(Images: Supplied by Ruth Duke)

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Source: @home

If your home goal for 2018 is to go green(er), here are five easy changes to do your bit without sacrificing on style. They’re simple changes that don’t call for much work, but together they’ll add up to an eco-friendly home makeover.

Clean the air
Investing in an air purifier is a sure-fire way to improve air quality in your home, as it will remove allergens and pollutants from the air.  Live plants around your home also act as natural air filters, and some plants are particularly effective absorbers of harmful pollutants emitted from carpets, furniture and electronic equipment. A stylish vase and a spider plant can also add a nice finishing touch to your home.

Let the sunshine in
The most cost effective and environmentally friendly light source is just outside your window. Make use of this natural light for as long as you can before switching on the lights. Open blinds, drapes and shutters to let solar energy brighten up your home.

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