DIY with Elle Franco: bringing spring into your home

Elle Franco

Elle Franco

Spring is here, warmer weather and longer days filled with sunshine.

TV Presenter, Producer and a DIY enthusiast Elle Franco shares an easy step by step guide on how to make a décor piece to display beautiful fresh flowers and welcome in the new season.

Elle Franco runs her own brand “DIY with Elle” where she is able to be creative and aims to inspire others to take on some home DIY projects of their own and “do it themselves”. You may recognise her from our Builders Design House that took place in Decorex Cape Town and Joburg earlier this year.

Spring Decor

Spring Decor


  • 3 x pieces of scrap wood/pine wood pre cut to size. 500mm in length was used for this project
  • 1 x square piece of Masonite wood. 300mm x 250mm was used for this project
  • 1 x worm drive hose metal clamp 70-95mm
  • 1 x glass jar
  • Letter stencils
  • Chalk paint or chalk paint finish spray paint and soft dark wax
  • Paint brushes
  • Flowers of your choice or other decorative items (heart plaques)
  • Short wood screws
  • Saw tooth hanger, chain or rope (optional)



  • Flat screwdriver to work with the worm drive metal clamps
  • Electric screwdriver or power drill or screw driver
  • Sander or sanders block and 100 or 120 grit sandpaper (depending on the surface state of your wood)

Step 1
Give your wood pieces a light sanding to smooth the surface.

Step 2
Paint your wood in your chosen chalk paint wood colour. For this project Arc pure white colour was used as a great backdrop for the detailing of the dark wax later in creating a distressed/aged effect. Allow to fully dry.

Step 3
Colour your glass jar in your chosen chalked paint spray finish. For a distressed look use two colour layering one colour at a time with drying time allowed for in between the coats.

To create the aged look on your glass jar, use a piece of sand paper and lightly sand areas of the glass jar.

Step 4
Lay out the 3 pieces of wood with the back facing upwards. It is time to secure the Masonite thin board backing and secure with short wood screws. Secure the short wood screws using an electric screw driver or a screw driver or hand drill.

Step 6
Decide where you want your stencils/writing and what you want to write spray paint or add to project. Use a clear general adhesive to stick decorative items to the sign.

Be sure to cover the parts of your project you don’t want spray painted with masking tape and newspaper.

Step 6
To secure your worm drive clamp to the wood sign, by driving a small wood screw through the small slats in the metal ring.

To tighten the “clamp” around the neck of glass jar, use a flat screw driver and turn clockwise as that screw mechanism moved the slats through, this makes the metal ring tighter. Tighten around the neck of the jar.

Step 7
To display on a wall, simply secure a saw tooth hanger or a short length of chain using wood screws to the back of the sign.

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