Do You Want to Digitally Detox? How to Create a Liveable Haven to Unplug Yourself from Your Smartphone

By Teljoy

Are you becoming a slave to your smartphone? Smartphones, smart televisions, smart watches, smart navigation, laptops, apps, tablets, and the list is endless. These gadgets are quickly becoming more and more entwined into our everyday survival. We use technology to make us bigger, better, faster and to enhance our performance as individuals. But how does it actually affect us physically and emotionally?

Ever heard of the “smartphone pinky”? The overuse of cell phones have resulted in what has been reported as skew pinkies – pinkies that are curved at a certain angle because of holding smartphones (have a look at your own now-do you have a smartphone pinky?). Not only is technology affecting us physically, but the overuse of these expedient gadgets can also lead to stress, exhaustion and can affect both children’s and adult’s emotional intelligence. So while technology helps us get ahead, everything needs to be unplugged once in a while, even you! Below are 4 key tips to escape the smartphone digital chaos in your home:

1.Create no phone zones
Are you tired of your children or partner being glued to their cell phones at the dinner table? Creating no phone zones throughout the house can promote bonding time. Accentuate these spaces by adding indoor plants to create a serene, relaxed atmosphere. You can also turn your lounge into a phone-free zone so that you can watch that full movie without being interrupted. Incorporate calming colours such as azure blue, turquoise and light greens into your lounge décor to create a balance and a sacred space to unwind without demanding technological disruptions.

2.Give yourself an allowance
Staring at a screen for long periods of time does not only give you headaches, but it can also eat into your budget if you are using prepaid data. Social media apps are particularly data sapping, so set limits to the amount of time you scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds. When you do have the urge to go onto social media, find something to replace this urge. Prepare for these times with a good book, latest home DIY magazine or anything that will take your mind off of your next social media fix.

3.Disable your notifications
Take action into your own hands and disable your notifications. Email and WhatsApp notifications and the nature to “always be online” can be anxiety provoking. Set boundaries for yourself and put your phone on silent during certain times of the day. Or even better, turn off your cell phone between 5pm and 7pm to enjoy dinner with your family and allow yourself two hours of tech-free living.

4.Change your morning routine
Has smartphone activity replaced your morning cup of coffee? Do you wake up to a bright screen and a bombardment of unanswered messages before you have a chance to put the kettle on? It might be time to change your a.m. activity. Rather get up and enjoy the freshness of the morning air, with a relaxed, rejuvenated mind-set. Start by writing down your goals for the day or the top things that you are grateful for. Believe it or not, changes to your morning routine can set the tone for a more positive and productive day even without technological enhancements.

Don’t let smartphones outsmart you. Make your space your living dream by creating an atmosphere that is stress-free and filled with all your favourite things. So, unwind and escape the tech tyrant; if you don’t you will run out of steam at some time or another…

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