Healthy Hazelnut Date Balls – by Delish Sisters


Delish Sisters in the Gourmet Cooking Theatre

The upbeat red lipstick and sneaker-wearing sister duo, Delish Sisters, joined us in the Gourmet Cooking Theatre at Decorex Durban earlier this year and blew our visitors away with their delicious, yet healthy treats. Our favourite one had to be the Hazelnut Date Balls that taste like Ferrero Rocher’s – we can’t believe how healthy these are! Try the recipe out below and let us know what you think.

Healthy Hazelnut Date Balls
300g chopped pitted dates
4T cocoa powder
2T coconut oil
2T water
80g toasted hazelnuts (40 g chopped for coating, 40g kept whole)


  1. Combine the dates, coconut oil, cocoa and water in a pot on a stove top at a medium heat. Stir and squash together for about 10 minutes until the mixture is a smooth paste like consistency.
  2. Pop the date mixture into a bowl and cool.
  3. Pinch off a piece of the date mixture (approximately a full teaspoon) flatten it into a disc in the palm of your hand and place the whole toasted hazelnut in the centre. Roll the disc of date mixture around your hazelnut and coat in chopped hazelnuts. Keep refrigerated and enjoy!

    Handy tip: if the mixture is a bit sticky while rolling, just rub a bit of coconut oil onto your hands.

    This recipe should make 25-30 balls, dependent on how much mixture you nibble while you are making it 😉

    Get in touch with Delish Sisters – visit their website or Facebook page for more creative ideas in the kitchen.