Incredible Range of Furniture and Décor in @home Trend Home

The incredible range of @home homeware store and @homelivingspace furniture and décor will be beautifully displayed in the holistic @home Trend Home presented by Decorex. Creative Director of Decorex, Anita Bloom, will work closely with leading suppliers and designers on this stylish home which will touch on a number of 2018 trends including the comforting Hygge Trend, enlivened Mixed Metallics, Large Scale Art and Room Divider Trends, all gently connected with a #rhythmoflife touch.

“The @home Trend Home is all about minimalism and really embraces the quality of life. It’s a space that makes you feel like curling up on the couch with a good book.” says Anita Bloom, curator @home Trend Home.

Creating a home that is both on trend and comfortable is not only easy but well within reach when you combine a few top statement furniture pieces with considered accessories and décor pieces to make the trend your own.

Here are a few of @home’s top trends this winter, set to stay way beyond the season.

Velvets and rich, moody colours
The coming winter season brings with it plenty of rich, moody colours and opulent velvets creating a warm, cosy space that doesn’t lose its feeling of grandeur.

Plush velvets bring a touch of old-world opulence, to both classic and contemporary interiors.

Thin Metal Frames
Contrast these plush pieces with thin metal frames to create a sleek silhouette, opening your space and allowing for a lighter flow. Thin metal frames also work exceptionally well in smaller spaces.

Warm metallics
From cool to hot, metallic are taking on warmer tones in the home. Choose centerpieces that shine on their own or finishes in copper, brass, rose gold and gold for a sophisticated accent. Contrast with concrete, wood and glass. Introduce a touch of luxe with metallic tables, chairs, lighting and accessories.

Modular living
The real beauty in the modular sofas is that you can configure it to fit into your spaces, your needs and your lifestyle.

You can build up your modular sofa to accommodate having friends and family over with plenty of space for everyone to sit and enjoy the conversation.
You don’t need to invest in an entirely new set of furniture when you want to change the dynamic of your living room. With your modular you can simply move some sections around or add to them.

Modular units can be set up to work around difficult layouts and obstacles in your home. Fitting a modular into a smaller space also has the effect of creating more room.

Naturally Good
Living more consciously is more than just a passing trend and is fast becoming a way of life. Natural materials and textures are a big part of the contemporary home. Natural wooden furniture can be seen in the dining room, living room and even the bedroom. Accessorise with nature in mind with woven baskets, natural carpets and sustainable materials such as bamboo.

Which brings us to botanicals. This lush green trend is definitely here to stay as the lines between outdoors and indoors blur. Create a haven with water wise local plants and succulents. For those who want less fuss but still love all the greenery, faux plants have seen a sophisticated resurgence, perfect for water-scarce South Africa.

Decorex Durban 2018: @home Trend Home

Visit the @home Trend Home for inspiration on the coming winter trends for your home.

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Decorex Joburg 8 – 12 August at Gallagher Convention Centre.

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