Interior colours for your home this winter

Article by Olympic Paints

Every South African will tell you about our fantastic weather in summer. Warm sunny days, thunderstorms in the afternoons and clear starry skies at night. What they forget to mention is our bitterly cold winters with snow in some parts, icy cold winds that cut through everything and even miserable rain in the Western Provinces.

South African houses, unlike European homes, are not built to withstand these cold temperatures, especially south-facing houses. We generally don’t have double glazing, and underfloor heating has become ridiculously expensive.

Painting your walls is a highly effective way of adding warmth to your home, and it is also inexpensive. Warm colours retain heat far more than light brighter colours as anyone with a dark coloured car will undoubtedly know.

One way of adding warmth into your home is with warm hues. Think of your reds, browns and oranges. Your warmer paint hues add a sense of warmth and cosiness to an interior, especially big spaces. Warm colours also have an emotional side to them as they are associated with joy, passion and playfulness- something that is also needed in winter when we all feel cold and miserable.

A great example would be a bedroom. Imagine you paint the walls a warm white/ivory colour with one wall a lovely deep shade of red. Now add neutral colour furniture. You can use off white bedding as your main colour and add a dark red or chocolate brown throws with some loose pillows to tie it all together.

It is important to remember that our summers are hot, though and a great way of balancing out our extreme seasonal temperatures is by decorative items in more refreshing colours. Think of your blues, green and purples here. This approach also makes it inexpensive to change your decor seasonally.

When you are renting a home, painting your walls might not always be allowed. A great DIY project here is to create colour blocks on large block mounted canvasses and hang it on the walls like you would pieces of art. This is a great way to allow for flexibility as you can change the colours as your mood arises as well as seasonally.

Some great examples of warm paint hues from Olympic Paints are: Exotic Earth, Wild Orchid, Cream, Evening Glow, Jaipur and Espresso Grey, to name just a few. Olympic Paints makes painting your home a pleasure with their innovative Flip n Roll paint bucket. With the new Flip ‘n Roll, this 20L container contains a built-in tray. Paint no longer needs to be poured into a smaller tray making the job cleaner and faster with much less wastage as now there will be no constant pouring and spilling. At the end of the job, the lid is simply closed and all the paint will be contained on the inside of the bucket making the job faster and cleaner with no washing required. This product is revolutionary and innovative, and Olympic Paints is the first and only company in the world to present this cleaner, faster and innovative product to make painting an easy and enjoyable experience.

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