Interior Lighting Trends with Illumina

Like any other part of interior design, interior lighting is a fundamental aspect. The atmosphere of your home can be thoughtfully manipulated by the type of light fixture chosen and the position it is placed. Just as each room or area of the home has a different function, so should the lighting of each room be carefully considered. Lighting design should mirror the intention of each space and enhance the overall sense of ambiance.

Although unique design requires a personal touch, there are notable trends in lighting that can be observed when considering lighting design for your home.

  1. Less is More

The Swedish concept of ‘lagom’ loosely translates to just the right amount – not too much or too little and it is no wonder that this design style is still so popular. Modern, contemporary design is based on clean, structured lines and less clutter. Homeowners are opting for simpler and sleeker lighting fixtures as opposed to older, elaborate ones. The minimalist trend incorporates designs focused on neutral colours, simple geometric designs with a highlight on shape and form.

How to use it: Used best as decorative, statement pieces – especially when used overhead or grouped together in a cluster, creating a bold and effortless look. A modern look can be incorporated into any space of the home whether as bedside lighting in the bedroom, overhead lighting by a kitchen benchtop, as a reading lamp at a functional space or as an accent piece in the living room.

  1. Industrial Chic

To anyone tired of a classic design, the industrial style is a perfect way to decorate your home in an original and modern way. Rustic finishes, mixed metals and exposed, raw materials make the industrial style special. Gone are the days of so-called ‘traditional’ industrial lighting that were often found in warehouses. Modern, urban chic industrial lighting are sleeker with assorted metal tones and unconventional designs, previously unseen.  Not only functional, the latest retro fixtures have more detail in their design and create more of a statement as a focal point to any room.

How to use it: Used as a distinctive variation to any area; modern, retro lighting is best for that unique industrial chic look. Popularly used in the kitchen over work areas, as a statement piece over dining areas, beds or as wall lighting – commonly used in conjunction with exposed brick and vintage Edison bulbs. The industrial look no longer consists of harsh lighting and uninteresting fixtures. Unique lighting fixtures have a variety of beautiful metals with designs that are bound to be the centre attraction or talking piece to any space.

  1. Copper and Gold

Monochromatic colour schemes have been all the rage among homeowners. Popular colours such as grey and beige are commonly used to create a modern, neutral palette in home décor. The gold and copper fall into a perfect scale of colour that compliments this colour scheme.  Both metals bring with it a reflective nature of subtle, alluring warmth. Choose between different finishes such as polished or distressed to coincide with any kind of décor design, thereby streamlining your contemporary space by enhancing character through a more vintage, rustic and industrial look.

How to use it: Use as overhead lighting where gold or copper is accentuated. Lighting fixtures complemented with black and opposing metallic colours or other materials such as glass, wood or concrete will create an even more unique feature. Attract attention to specific areas of your home, using copper or gold. Desk or floor lamps will be a perfect illumination for a practical reading nook while still creating interest. Gold or copper table lamps make for a beautiful attraction in a hallway.

  1. The Bigger the Better

Large pendant light fixtures are becoming higher demand items in modern, contemporary designs. Bigger lighting fixtures create an instant attraction and focal point. They are often used in large, open-plan layouts and high-ceiling spaces. It does a great job in defining a space but also helps to make a space appear larger.

How to use it: Larger pendants can be used over dining tables to create an instant functional and visually appealing area. Use in large foyers to attract attention, or over kitchen islands to enhance the work area. For best results, the light fixture should be the central focus and should balance the design space together with smaller, less obtrusive lighting for a cohesive, overall look.

Your choice, your style
No matter the latest trends, always choose the best lighting design to suit your home. Ultimately, make sure that you love your final choices and that you can live with them. However, do not be afraid to try something new – many of the latest lighting trends are adaptable and thoughtful choices will elevate your home into the modern, contemporary world of design.

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