Liven up your home this Spring

Article by: Olympic Paints

Spring is finally here. Everywhere you look there are new green leaves on the trees, flower buds and of course the chirping of the birds. Spring brings with it a feeling of freshness and energy.

Since the 1800s, it has been a tradition in many households to spring clean. It is also the time of year where many people spruce up their gardens and get it ready for summer since South Africans love to be outdoors in the warmer weather.

Spring is also the perfect time to give your home a fresh coat of paint. We will look at all the reasons why Spring is the best time in this article.

The harsh winter weather can be very damaging to your home. In the winter rain areas of our country, the rain can cause damp to set in, wherein the dry winter areas the harsh winter sun can fade your exterior paint. Spring is the perfect time to repaint your exterior.

If you are planning on doing landscaping in your garden this Spring, it is a great idea to start with your home’s exterior first. A fresh coat of paint will enhance your garden’s look and doing it first will not destroy the new plants.

The paint will dry better during Spring with the moderate temperatures. Summer temperatures can be very high here in summer and cause the paint to dry too quickly, which prevents the formation of a good paint film.

While the exterior of your home is essential, the interior can be refreshed and given a brand new look with paint.

Olympic Paints have a vast range of colours in their Flip ‘n Roll Platinum Plus range that is perfect for Spring. We definitely recommend their Natural Elegance for an ideal interior. White Whisper is an off white colour that will suit any decor look, while their Misty Storm will create the perfect accent wall in your bedroom or lounge.

Enjoy giving your home a new fresh look this Spring.