Ninho Interiors share advice on how to create the perfect space for your little one

At Ninho Interiors, they aim to create spaces that translate your dreams and bring them to life, spaces in which your little one will experience the world; where you can laugh, play, and dream.

They believe that the nursery should be a seamless extension of the rest of your home – conveying the same aesthetic, style and attention to detail. And then, it’s just a matter of selecting those fundamental pieces – a beautiful crib, a changing table, a welcoming rocking chair, custom bedding – and some sweet accents that will make your baby’s room uniquely their own.

Ninho was founded because they truly, madly, deeply care about design and the baby world. They appreciate the beauty of a lovingly curated interior, and so they believe that designing a space for your little one that expresses your unique sense of self shouldn’t be a luxury, but a necessity.

How to create the perfect space for your little one:

Make a list
Preparing your home for a new baby can be exciting yet challenging, especially for new-time parents. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a Nursery Essentials Checklist featuring key products from Ninho.

Pick a time
We suggest beginning to set up your nursery at least 2-3 months before your due date. This gives you some time to prepare and make necessary adjustments. 

Extend on your home
Incorporate the style of your house into the nursery décor. Is your style traditional, contemporary or perhaps an eclectic mix? It’s important that your nursery design reflects your own personal style and how you’ve decorated the rest of your home.

Plan ahead
When designing the nursery, think beyond new-born stage. Babies grow quickly, so add items that will see you through the first 24 months. This can include a timeless dresser that can be used up to teenage years, or a crib with conversions kits. (Various options available through Ninho)

Get inspired
Search for ideas you love and piece them together. This will help you to pick your colours, keep your ideas focused and pull your theme together.

Seek guidance
We know that designing a perfect space to welcome your little one can be overwhelming, and that’s why Ninho is here – we will create a space for your baby that is uniquely their own.

At Ninho, they want more than to make your nursery just any nursery, they’re here to help you create an inspired and bespoke haven for your little one. They will help you get started on creating a warm and welcoming haven for your little one. After all, your dreams are about to come true…

For more inspiration or to get in touch with Ninho Interiors, visit their website or Facebook page.