Skinny laMinx’s, Heather Moore: Chic textiles and homeware design

Heather Moore’s simple, clean pattern designs and unusual colour palette are inspired by everyday things, her love of midcentury style and a dose of African chic.

In 2007 she started screenprinting her patterns onto fabric, just for fun. Next thing, her hobby had become a business called Skinny laMinx, and the things she’d designed could be found in stores & homes around the globe. But of course, there’s a bit more to the story than that.

Heather Moore. Photo Credit: Brise Soleil

  1. Tell us about yourself and how Skinny laMinx started.
    I live in central Cape Town with my husband Paul Edmunds, where we like to walk around our neighbourhood, having chats with people we bump into.
    I started Skinny laMinx in 2007, back when the internet was young and self-taught illustrator could easily get global online coverage just by having a blog and an online shop.
    Those early days gave my business a good kickstart, and these days we have a dream team of 15 people, a gorgeous store and studio on Bree Street in Cape Town, and our screenprinted textiles and goods are sold across the globe.

Skinny laMinx Store

Skinny laMinx Team

2. Tell us about your favourite decor trend from 2017?
Plants have become such an important part of décor, which I love. Our new Roof Garden textile collection is all about the shapes and shadows of our studio roof garden, and the jungly ‘rio’ colourway plays right into the plants trend.

Roof Garden textile collection

Also, the ubiquity in 2017 of the lovely orangey pink (aka Millenial Pink) has converted me to this colour, both in my wardrobe and within the Skinny laMinx range. We included it in two of the colourways of our new Roof Garden textile collection, and it is spectacular! 

Skinny laMinx Mixed Pinks

Skinny laMinx Flatlay Shell & Grey

3. What inspires you?
Inspiration is everywhere – you just need to get into the habit of looking for it.

4. What is your favourite décor item?
I bought a graphic rug from The Ninevites when they had just started out, and have it on the back of our sofa with two embroidered cushions from Lindell&co in Paris. These three items (as well as my husband and Siamese cat) make me feel very stylish on a daily basis.

5. Complete the short Q&A below

1. Vintage OR Modern:
Vintage, for solid design, good use of good materials and longevity.

2. Hygge OR Lagom:
Lagom, for its generous spirit.

3. Minimalist OR Maximalist:
Minimalist in the home, Maximalist in the garden.

Back Yard Photo by Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx

4. Encaustic Tiles OR Mermaid Tiles:
I’m in love with my encaustic floor tiles from Moroccan Warehouse on our bathroom floor.

5. Monochrome OR Colour:
I feel a good colour combination as a tingling sensation in my wrists.

Skinny laMinx Brise Soleil Brazil Lookbook

If you’re in Cape Town visit the Skinny laMinx store at 201 Bree Street, Cape Town or visit their website

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