Timeless nursery trends

Article by Paper La Fleur

Expecting a little one … with no idea where to start with the nursery. This is where I found myself two years ago. I knew I wanted to create a space that was cozy but chic at the same time. So cue the online frenzy to find decor and the never-ending-pinterest-board overload.

Being completely overwhelmed by all the products I could purchase for my nursery, I noticed the products were being mass produced with no thought of the tiny individual that it was meant for. The other little issue I faced, was if I did wanted something unique it would be way out of my budget as a new parent.

As an avid DIY’er, this is how Paper La Fleur was born.

I’ve found myself in countless discussions with so many mom-to-be’s, all with the same problem I was confronted with. A unique feature thats both pleasing to the eye and the pocket.

My advice for any parent to be, is to take a deep breath and keep it simple. Less seems to be a lot more. Less furniture and clutter leaves more space for the ever important tummy time and special moments for you and your little one.

Clean cut furniture and neutral tones make for a timeless nursery. Keeping all your furniture and walls neutral can also extend its life for your little ones room. Making the space unique is adding a third element to the mix.

This third element can be a challenging one, and that’s where we come in. Think of us as your personal decor paper people! We mostly use the reference ‘paper florists’, but we’re stepping into new territory all the time. Mainly because we do whatever we can, to help parents add that ‘one of a kind’ element.

So what is trending now? We’re seeing more and more of nature elements, whether it’s floral patterns, tropical print, or even woodland animals. Nature is definitely a big feature.

Below are a few very different ways to keep your nursery trending and to see how you can add the perfect personal touch.
Cherry blossoms meet tropical
The above pieces were done for twin girls, who’s mommy was obsessed with cherry blossoms that she came across while traveling aboard. Bringing this element in was both unique and meaningful. Note the soft grey walls, natural wooden floors and a fun tropical carpet to tie all the room colours together.

Neutral complimented with soft blushes
This nursery also boasts natural wooden floors, clean cut furniture and soft creamy beige walls. Our arrangement colour pallet was created with rose gold to compliment the floors, creams to tie the chair and walls together and obviously a pink to celebrate a little girl. The custom name signage is also a massive trend. Whether it’s cut from wood or perspex, it’s always a great way to add the custom feature.

Floral wood
This was a special project, as the parents-to-be immigrated but were celebrating their baby shower in SA. As the decor specialists for the event, we wanted to create something precious for the baby shower that could be used in the nursery back in Dubai. This would also be a treasured memory piece for the parents. Each sign was hand painted and the paint mixed to match all the nursery’s colours.
Adding the antique touch

Sometimes you just want to celebrate the human you created and honour the name you have chosen for them. This was definitely the case with this client. She wanted something big, bold and beautiful for her little girl that was on the way. Adding a few beautiful bears in an open frame and a cherry blossom branch

Boho chic woodlands
Sometimes a little feature wall is all you need to bring in the minimalistic look. A floating shelf, paired with woodland animal prints, a small mirror and a few small trinkets.