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We know that going green, using less plastic and recycling the rubbish that we do create is a standard amongst households and businesses these days and this is a trend we at Homewood have obviously championed. But just how far have you taken your sustainable plan within your living and working space.

House Syrad – Cape Town

House Syrad – Cape Town

Being a sustainable brand that is conscious of its choices is at the core of who we are. Homewood sources sustainable timber and creates quality furniture that is long lasting in both style and usage, hence our tagline #craftedluxury. We put the effort in and make sure we use of every possible part of the timber we craft with, aiming for zero waste. It was in this attempt for zero waste that our Smalls Range was born – offering a vast array of items from chopping boards and laptop work trays, to herb boxes and bath mats. To see more items and to shop from our Smalls Range, click here to start your Homewood collection, or to buy the perfect house warming gift.

Even though it is still one of Homewood’s favourite types of wood because of its distinctive colour and appearance, we stopped using Kiaat when it was no longer a sustainable timber source and was not being sustainably harvested. We made this choice not for our advantage, but because we believe in being an environmentally sustainable brand that loves and cares for the timber we use. When the end of Kiaat happened, we made the change and replaced it with the beautiful dark stipes of Black Ofram, as showcased below in our Omusha Dining Table.

Omusha Dining Table in Black Ofram

Omusha Dining Table in Black Ofram

We love keeping up with trends as much as the Jones’ do. But not at the expense of the earth. In a world of quantity over quality, we’re aiming to help shift lifestyles and move towards quality over quantity. With Homewood’s different ranges, we aspire to help you keep your home or business exclusive and unique by offering a certain look and feel with our complete ranges – like the sleek and curved Imbiza Range.

Homewood Imbiza Range

Homewood Imbiza Range

These days it’s easy to recycle the small things, and to be aware of your carbon footprint while grocery shopping, but just how much do you know about the environmental sustainability of the big items in your home or business? Where do you buy your furniture and house hold appliances? Do you do a little research into brands before you support them by purchasing their products with your hard-earned cash?

House Syrad – Cape Town

House Syrad – Cape Town

We’ve highlighted a few questions below to ask yourself before buying new furniture, to keep up with environmental sustainability.

  • Go wooden
    Wooden furniture, like Homewood’s ranges, are your best bet when it comes to owning sustainable furniture. If wood is cared for correctly, it will not only last longer than you, but it will still look new, polished and lustrous (depending if you actively care for your wooden furniture).
  • Repairable
    Wooden furniture is easier repaired than other materials. That’s just…fact…science…logic. And this is something we put into practice by being able to replace and repair your Homewood item should something happen to it.
  • Quick research
    Do research where the manufacturer gets its timber and materials from. If a company is claiming to be sustainable but are reluctant to share where they get their timber and materials from, there could be a reason for that. You’ll be looking for timber that is supplied by sustainably harvested forests or tree farms. Don’t just trust a new supplier – research, research, research. Also, know which types of timber are on the sustainable woods list.
Custom Homewood Range

Custom Homewood Range

  • Buy what you need
    Even though Homewood offer custom ranges, we still always make a point to discuss the size of the space our client is looking to fill. Don’t just buy because it’s pretty, buy an item because it is needed so that its function will be fulfilled. We offer our clients customisable ranges, or help facilitate those that seek a bespoke piece or range that they envision for said space. Read here for more on our custom and bespoke designs. 
  • Support local
    By supporting local businesses, you naturally reduce air and water pollution (think less exported items coming in from the smoky, smoky ships). It also helps keep Rands in the local economy. 
  • Do they employ locals?
    Off the back of point 5 – if you do support local make sure that they employ staff from their local communities. At Homewood, not only do we employ our staff from the Lidgetton area where our factory is based, but we make a point of rather upskilling existing staff if a position in the company ever opens.
Landrover South Africa Boardroom

Homewood Boardroom Table

Know where your money is going. Know who you are supporting. Don’t buy into trends that fade and that are continually updated every 6 months. Buy into an exclusive look for your lifestyle that stands out from the rest and that stands the test of time.

Don’t follow the crowd.
Stand out of the crowd with Homewood.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

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