Valentine’s Day DIY Origami Heart Love Letters

Article by Kari Kelly, blogger for Lovilee.

I’ve been thinking of some nice DIY projects for Valentines’ day and for uses of a piece of drift wood that has literally been ‘drifting’ around in our house. I decided to make a 7-day valentines ‘advent’ / count-down calendar. The idea is to write love letters on 7 squares of paper, fold them using the simple origami heart step-by-step instructions below and then hanging them up from something.

You can also add them to a loved ones’ lunch tin or put it on their cushion at night. The ideas are endless! Make your own Simple origami heart by following the step-by-step instructions in the images below.

Now, for the calendar part you will need

  • Scissors
  • 7 folded origami hearts
  • string / bakers twine (or both)
  • Piece of drift wood
  • Cellotape or washi tape

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Take a piece of strong and tie it to the piece of driftwood to use it for hanging purposes later
  2. Cut the baker’s twine in the desired lengths to add the hearts to the piece of drift wood
  3. Stick the hearts on the twine using washi tape or cellotape
  4. Tie the string to the driftwood piece
  5. It is now ready to by hung!


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