4 Tips for Exhibition Booth Videos that Get Attention

There’s no disputing the fact that video is one of the most impactful marketing tactics available to exhibitors. An eye-catching and interesting video playing on screens at your exhibition booth can be a good way to draw people in to see what you have to offer.

Here are our top 4 tips to create videos that get attention.

1)   Use the Correct Screen Size

This may seem obvious, but the size of the screen that you use makes a big difference. Your video needs to be seen easily in an area where the view is not obstructed by large signs or structures.

Make sure that you know the size of the exhibition area, how many other exhibitors are attending, and the floor plan. This will help to guide your decision when hiring equipment.

2)   Looping Videos Work

You have a few seconds to get your message across to visitors, and a looping video is one tactic to use to achieve this. While your looping video can communicate a few points, rather than playing a hour-long documentary, keep your video succinct, simple and clear enough to convey a few messages to visitors who may walk past your stand 2 or 3 times.

Tip: Make sure your looping video works without using sound. Exhibition halls are often bustling with sound and adding audio to looping video can sometimes get lost in all the noise. The visuals in your video will need to be impactful and interesting to hold your attention. Consider using some animation like kinetic typography (take a look at this kinetic typography video clip to get an idea of what it looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOaqt1pV2Fg).

3)      Answer FAQs

Use your video to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about your business, products or services. This can help put skeptical minds at east, and also create ample opportunity for visitors to come to you and ask more in-depth questions or sign up for what you’re offering.

4)   Hire a Professional

Invest in getting your video professionally made. You will then have created a high-quality piece of video material that can be used in your other marketing activities too, like on social media, on your website and at other exhibitions.