5 attributes to consider while designing your exhibition stand

  1. What are your objectives of participating?
    Stall design may vary depending on your exhibition objectives. If your objective is relationship building with existing clientele, then a conference room is needed in the booth to spend quality time with your clients to finalise deals.

    However, if you are new to the exhibition, you would want to generate leads. In that case, your stall should stand out and should have lot of open space to attract buyers.

    Exhibitors whose objective is to focus on building image of their organisation tend to prefer designs with strong branding and high resolution images.

  2. In how many exhibitions and fairs do you plan to participate in a year?
    If you wish to participate in several national and international shows, you may consider having different booth sizes. In this case, you can have larger stands in bigger shows which can be dismantled and reused for smaller shows. If you wish to participate in only one show in a year, you can go in for custom or modular stalls.
  3. How can you get maximum returns out of your budget?
    In this case, it is very important to choose the right exhibition design agency which can create a design of your choice in a cost-effective and efficient manner. If budget is a constraint, you can go for modular or simple set ups. It is important that you communicate your budget before the design is prepared and also keep your requirements simple.
  4. What is that “one thing” about your stall which should be in the visitor’s top of the mind recall?
    Is it your company’s brand image? Or your product image? Or is it your competitive edge over others. Whatever it is, your stall should communicate the key message to the visitors in the first few seconds. The mantra is -“Less is more”.

    The design should be crisp, compact, simple yet defining goals. Decide your key communication message and ask your Exhibition Designer to design the stall accordingly.

  5. What are the other attention grabbers for your stall?
    The aesthetic appeal of the stall goes a long way in grabbing attention of the visitors. Your stall should be well dressed right from top to toe.

    Adequate booth lightening can make your product stand out and can make your stall look bigger. Proper colour coordinated end to end carpeting is another must have. Stall colour can also go a long way to attract customers.

    Source: www.designdesk.in