5 Last Minute Marketing Ideas for your Exhibition

Sometimes the opportunity presents itself to become a part of an event or exhibition at the last minute. If you find yourself in that circumstance, read through our list of 5 last minute and inexpensive marketing ideas to let your customers know where you’ll be and how they can get involved in the expo or trade show.

1)   Personal Phone Calls

Make a list of your top clients and give them a call to invite them to the event. Adding a personal touch by phoning your guests is helpful in getting them to attend or sending a representative in their place.

2)   Create a Hook

Think about a special offer that you can run at the event. Could you offer a discount on items bought on the day? How about offering a special gift or goodie bag to the first 20 or 50 people who visit your booth? Offers like these draw people into your booth and can compel them to make time to attend the exhibition last minute.

3)   Revamp your E-Sig

Updating your email signature with details about the exhibition is an effective, simple and quick way to market to people who you would naturally deal with throughout the day.

Include the dates, times and venue of the exhibition, as well as a link to buy tickets.

4)   Email

Send an email to your customer list and people who have shown interest in your business, product or services. Remember to include the details about the exhibition and information about any special offers that you’re running and where they can buy tickets.

5)   Online Marketing

Take to your business and personal social networks to update your followers and connections. Add any relevant images to your updates to help them stand out, like the exhibition logo or promotional images from the event’s social networks.

Have you used any other effective last-minute event marketing tactics? Comment and share your ideas with us.