Africa’s Leading Exhibition, Events and Conference Organisers

Reed Exhibitions is a subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, leading global player in the world of exhibitions and part of RELX Group. Reed Exhibitions brings over 50 years of experience in developing, marketing, selling and organising exhibitions, events, conferences and meetings.

We enjoy connecting businesses with their markets by helping them leverage events as a cost-effective marketing tool. As part of the Reed Exhibitions Group, Reed Exhibitions’ portfolio includes over 500 global events managed by staff of exhibition specialists worldwide who excel in creating brand leading, highly targeted events, bringing businesses together to network, learn and grow.

Reed Exhibitions enjoys a 5% market share in the African exhibition industry which has grown 40% over the last 4 years. Working with the only marketing platform that fully engages with your target audience means that you are getting the most out of your investment. Exhibitions have a proven increase in lead conversion by 40% compared to other marketing tools. For more interesting facts on the value of exhibitions take a look at this comprehensive information pack.


Our Global Vision and Mission

Our global vision is to deliver contacts, content and communities with the power to transform our customers’ businesses.

We achieve this by exceeding customer expectations by:

  • Delivering contacts where we bring people together to network, transact and grow professionally and personally
  • Offering customers valuable content through more information, innovation and education
  • Bringing industries and markets together to a common venue as a community, nurturing relationships
  • Transforming customers, leveraging their potential to facilitate dramatic change
  • Helping customers grow their business and maximise their return on investment, measurable through better performance in sales, education, brand building, sourcing, solutions and networking.

By helping our customers grow, we seek to strengthen and grow as a leading exhibition, event, project and venue management company and contribute significantly to the community we serve. In the process, our mission is to offer the highest quality products and service, using the best resources, and inspiring and harnessing direct personal contact. We aim to deliver more opportunities to do business, to see and be seen, to listen and learn and to connect with the people that count.

Our Brand Values

As part of a global brand, we, at Reed Exhibitions, are committed to creating strong, long term relationships with our customers. We achieve this through a uniform set of values that define and enhance our brand experience. This is reflected in our internal and external communication, emails, social media posts, our telephone interactions and face to face contact with customers, suppliers and within the organisation. These values include:

Customer focus

We are driven by our customers’ needs and see ourselves as their partners, we aim to exceed their expectations with superior products and services. We seek to earn our customers’ respect and trust through our professionalism.

Valuing our people

We consider our staff our most valuable assets and will place the highest priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding talent, empowering them to maximise their potential and contribution. We will recognise and reward excellence, encourage honest communication, ethical and principled behaviour.

Passion for winning

We will always strive to stay a step ahead of the competition through our passion for winning. As a high energy, fast moving organisation that believes in informed and timely decision making and action, we will ensure that we execute and deliver as intended. We will constantly aim to surpass our goals, emerging as the best, while holding ourselves accountable for exceptional results.


We will welcome change and challenge the status quo, encouraging people to take risks, learn from their mistakes and develop the entrepreneurial mindset as they constantly look for innovative ideas, act boldly and never be afraid to experiment and take decisions.   


As a global business, we will encourage collaboration across business units, hierarchy and functions and have no barriers. We will take pride in each other’s’ ideas and apply them for success as we build lasting, mutually productive relationships with each other, our customers and suppliers. We will respect and value differences.

Our Portfolio

Reed Exhibitions is committed to promoting the role of exhibitions in the marketing mix. Through our promise of delivering excellent quality, service and professionalism we enjoy a significant market share.

Our portfolio includes major exhibition titles including Africa Travel Week consisting of the International Luxury Travel Market Africa™; Incentives, Business Travel & Meetings Expo Africa; and World Travel Market Africa®FIBO Global Fitness Africa, Decorex SA, 100% Design South Africa™, Mediatech Africa and the recent addition Comic Con Africa, to name a few, besides the management of a host of exhibitions, conferences and events for various stakeholders and government entities, corporations and SMEs.

Association memberships



We believe in giving back to the community through Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) initiatives

At Reed Exhibitions, we believe in bringing the right people together with our customised exhibitions and products, helping you shape your company’s future.

To quote our Managing Director, Carol Weaving,

“Winning and creating miracles in exhibitions, special projects, events, conferences and venue management is not a sometimes thing; it’s an all-the-time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.”

We look forward to working with you.