The Association of Designers of Kenya is a professional body and the learned society of the Designers that co-operates with national, regional and other international Associations in promoting, developing and applying professional practices and standards of design.
The CBA expands knowledge and support for clay brick masonry and maintains building standards in the use of clay bricks and pavers in construction. We educate the clay brick industry about energy efficient, environmentally-sustainable masonry.
FBUMA (Furniture Bedding and Upholstery Manufacturers Associations)
FBUMA (Furniture Bedding and Upholstery Manufacturers Association) serves as the collective entity of employers (businesses) in our Industry and is therefore registered (in terms of the Labour Relations Act) as an Employers Organisation. FBUMA represents its members in collective bargaining with Unions at Industry level. These negotiations take place at the Furniture Bargaining Council and include negotiations of wages and conditions of service for the majority of employers in our Industry. Members consist of Furniture manufacturers, Furniture Transporters, Furniture Showrooms and Factories.
GBCSA (Green Building Council South Africa)
“The Green Building Council South Africa is one of 75 members of the World Green Building Council alongside Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Founded in 2007,we are a dedicated team working in collaboration with industry bodies, leaders, government departments and professionals to develop market-based green building solutions for the transformation of the South African property industry.

We are a member based organisation whose core focus is green building certification and training. We advocate for all buildings to be designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable manner.”
GHASA (Guestt House Accomodation of South Africa)
“GHASA was originally established as an association (Section 21, not for profit) in 1992, when a group of establishment owners got together to promote the Guest House Industry.

The association was subsequently privatised in 2000 and we’re now known as Guest House Accommodation of SA (GHASA).

Over the past couple of decades, GHASA has become well known as experts in Quality Guest House Accommodation, offering many benefits, assistance and valued advice to members, as well as booking opportunities for travellers.”
GIFA (Gauteng Institute of Architects)
We are a voluntary association affiliated to the South African Institute of Architects and endorsed by the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.
HAN (Hospitality Association of Namibia)
The Hospitality Association of Namibia has since its inception in 1987, grown from an initial 16 members to a total of close to 400 members.H·A·N represents the full spectrum of the hospitality industry, from hotels, to guest houses, guest farms, lodges, rest camps, restaurants, conference centres and catering services.Over the years, more and more tourism and hospitality related businesses also joined the Hospitality Association, making H·A·N a true umbrella-body and an important factor in the tourism & hospitality industry of Namibia in general.
IID (The Africa Institutte of Interior Design Professions)
The IID is the only professional body representing the Interior Design industry in South Africa. Serving the needs of registered, practicing interior architecture, interior design and interior decorating professionals as well as education institutions and suppliers that provide services to the interior design industry.
“The Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa (ILASA) is a voluntary organisation registered with the South African Council for the Landscape Architectural Profession. The Institute for Landscape Architecture in South Africa has three regional bodies, one in the Western Cape (ILASA Cape), one in KZN (ILASA KZN) and one in Gauteng (ILASA Gauteng), that represent members countrywide.

ILASA welcomes members from diverse professions that share a joined interest in the South African landscape”
KSA (The Kitchen Specialists Association of South Africa)
The mission of the KSA is to create a professional and stable trading environment in which the industry can prosper and consumers can enjoy peace-of-mind. As a national association the KSA looks to represent the country’s reputable kitchen manufacturers and associated suppliers with a view to facilitating solution-driven resolutions between members and consumers and facilitate growth and education within the industry.
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