4Ever Odd (pty) ltd
“4Ever Odd strives to provide South African artists with the opportunity to focus solely on their craft and to introduce them to the national and international arena by means of:
* event organizing,
* promotion,
* the sale of promotional merchandise and
* by providing a platform for artists to present, showcase and sell their hard work”
Blu Betty
“Blu Betty, established in 2014, strives for authenticity and individuality in the design and manufacture of our leather shoes and accessories.

Based in KwaZulu-Natal, SA – our products are hand-manufactured in our own factory resulting in a “”Proudly SA”” offering that is ever-changing and of a consistently high quality.

We LOVE the fun in our range but are serious about continuing our successful presence in the footwear industry in the country. The Blu Betty team will make all efforts to provide contemporary and authentic shoes with an artisanal touch.
Blu Betty
“Blu Betty is a proudly South African brand with our beautiful genuine leather shoes being manufactured in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

We strive for authenticity, quality and individuality in design and execution. We eschew mass consumerism and prefer to be “artisanal” in context and in our offering. Whilst we have seen fantastic growth since the inception of Blu Betty and are proud to be one of the leading shoe brands in the country, we still subscribe to the concept of “slow fashion”!
Carine’s Gemstone Jewelry
“Every woman wants and has the right to wear gemstone jewelry of high quality which is affordable.
I offer ruby, morganite, sapphire, topaz, citrin, amethyst, apatite, kunzite and rare gemstones set in gilded, rodinated or platinated sterling silver.
The handmade jewelry comes with a detailed certificate with all relevant information.
It is my passion to offer top quality jewelry at very competitive prices making my customer happy every single day!”
Carry On & Co
“We are a brand born out of a love for this incredible planet we call home. We pride ourselves in creating unique, earth-friendly bamboo handbags and other trinkets for the mindful consumer.

Our products, materials and processes are all designed to reduce our impact on the environment, while staying timeless and beautiful.”
Deeply Rooted Originals
A unique interpretation on iconic African image .Making use of cutting edge technologies designed for various interpretation combining powder coating , African Nguni hides, creating individual decor pieces from wall features, mirrors to furniture.Also a eclectic jewellery range using sustainable harvested indigenous woods.
Hedgerow clothing
Beautiful sleepwear made from natural fibres for the whole family. Hedgerow also has a small clothing line for children and prides itself on its own unique prints.
“We are a glass fusing studio situated in Sedgefield Western Cape,we have wide range of products including jewellery which we make using millefiori glass,homeware,Deco pieces and Art pieces,every piece is individually handmade and fused in a Kiln with high temperatures.
Both Bruce and Tariro have worked with glass for a number of years so we pride ourselves in our work and creation.

Mosaics etc
Mosaics Etc is a South African based company of artist Margie Ford. We create fine art mosaics for residential and commercial projects worldwide.
Platform 23
PLATFORM23 is a South African online fashion and lifestyle company. We’ve created this platform for creative individuals who sell their own brands and designs. Africa is the future. It holds a vast collection of artists and designers with varied heritages and cultures and has a diversification like no other place on earth. This is why PLATFORM23 is a collaborative marketplace, to sell from and take advantage of cross-selling opportunity and the channel between us and the rest of the world’s consumers.
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