Do you have a system for event feedback?

Delivering world-class events, conferences and exhibitions is one thing, but consistently delivering, year on year, is another.  Reed Exhibitions believes in the power of listening to our customers and acting on the feedback we receive.

Throughout the processes in place, we pay meticulous attention to detail from the planning stage, through the implementation and finally at the wrap up.  But one critical element that allows us to keep coming back year after year is how we harvest and process the feedback we receive from all involved.  Our monitoring and assessment system is fine-tuned for every event and each event title has a custom made format in order to provide critical information that provides the relevant intelligence we need to stay on top of our game and deliver what the customer needs.

Why collect feedback?

Events will only be sustainable if there are customers.  Listening to your customer and facilitating the platform in which they are most comfortable to do business again and again, is the only way that an event can evolve and stay relevant.  The feedback that you gather from your customers will allow you to stay sharp, in touch and on point, allowing you to be better informed when planning the next event.

How to set up a feedback system?

Our experienced team develop custom-made feedback processes for each event, but we use a common, basic framework across the portfolio. Here are some tips for gathering really productive feedback;

  • Rather than soliciting generic answers ranging from varying degrees of “agree” to “disagree” on a scale of 1 to 10, we prefer to frame specific questions and offer a choice of answers to understand the respondent better. This also takes the pressure off the person giving the feedback and helps them focus on their experience.
  • Whilst post-event feedback after an event does deliver valuable intelligence on the overall experience, it is also valuable to capture visitor and exhibitor responses in real time, on site. This method provides organic, honest and comprehensive feedback which is more dynamic.
  • All feedback questions align with our strategic goals which allows for a common evaluation thread, and focus.
  • Once all the feedback is collated it is important to analyse and compare the information received in order to realise and act on the gap between expectations and final experience. Only then can the process of tweaking and improving for next time begin.
  • Reed Exhibitions realises the benefit of sharing the findings of all feedback for the use of all concerned. This enables us to grow along with our stakeholders and partners.

How do you capture and process event feedback? Please share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.