Exciting engaging exhibitions

The exhibition industry is always changing and as a result it is important to stay on trend and to push boundaries in order to appeal to a rapidly advancing market.  Kim Kitchen shares what we can expect from exhibition stands this year.

  1. LARGE AUDIO-VISUAL LED screens and lighting are gradually becoming the norm for an exhibition stand. The trend is to use these to greatly enhance the stand and create a dramatic effect.  One can literally have a moving wall of imagery through the use of LED’s.
  2. INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY Think iPads and photobooths. More exhibitors are displaying live Twitter and Facebook feeds from their stands. This form of micro-blogging encourages people to post their opinions and comments in the name of interaction.
  3. INNOVATIVE USE OF MATERIALS Wood, metal and fabric is getting notably popular.  Fabric is versatile and can define space, while wood is less susceptible to damage and creates a nicer interior look.  Metal creates a high tech look on a stand.
  4. IMPRESSIVE STRUCTURES AND SUSPENDED ELEMENTS The trend towards shapes on stands is either large angled and intersecting shapes, or curves and waves which have been made possible through new technology and a better understanding of how shapes can be constructed.
  5. STREAMLINED LOOK Exhibition stands are starting to move towards a cleaner, more streamlined look, utilising light and dark wood finishes with polished steel accents.
  6. DRESSING OF THE STANDS Elements such as modern furniture, AstroTurf flooring and display plants are becoming a vital attractive element of all stands.
  7. GREEN STANDS Whether it is a system or custom stand, exhibition stand companies must reuse materials either for future stands or through recycling and donation of stand elements
  8. BEDOUINS Indoors is moving outdoors. Bedouins are gaining popularity as they create closed environments that are more reminiscent of what we usually see indoors.
  9. HIGH STRUCTURES An easy way to attract attention to a stand in an outdoor area is to use high walling.
  10. LARGE-SCALE DECOR OR OUTDOOR GRAPHICS The clever use of cargo containers to create exhibition space and double storeys are becoming a popular choice.

Article supplied by The Planner.

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