How to create effective exhibition stands that meet your event goals

Taking the decision to participate in an exhibition to promote your company and/or product is a good step in the right direction to putting your brand in front of people in a very powerful face to face environment.  No other marketing or sales tool provides the competitive edge, like an exhibition stand does, by appealing to the five very basic of human senses, sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Reed Exhibitions has the knowledge and expertise to assist you when planning your exhibition stand that will help you to align your business objectives and achieve the goals you have set to extract the best outcome.

Here are some of our tips and recommendations;


A solid strategy is key to the success of your participation at an exhibition.  Ensure you have a clear vision of what you are aiming to achieve by being there, what your goals are and how they will be measured.  Once this is in place it is time to ascertain what type of exhibition stand will match your strategy and budget.


Exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand and the planning should echo your brand image, with a consistent identity that your audience can relate to. A well branded stand ensures a real connection with your visitors while building brand loyalty.

Stand design

Most exhibition organisers offer a variety of packages that can be chosen from to suit many objectives and varied budgets.  Stay true to your strategy and establish the message you wish to convey.  If it is brand building, use your brand colours, business logo and other graphics in a suitable stand layout. For a new product launch, design your stand to highlight these new products or services.  Do you need to build relationships with new clients?  Then you may need to consider a private meeting room that is incorporated in your stand.


Once the stand system and size has been decided, it is time to look at the various options available for the graphics.  The most striking stands, with the highest visibility are the ones that stand out above the clutter and grab your visitor’s eye. The imaging used should stay true to your brand and show off your products and services.

The use of video footage can be serve to spark curiosity and is an excellent way to display your content or brand messages. Interactive displays are also a great way to engage with the visitor and spark conversation.  Demonstrations are another attraction and they add credibility to your product if you can show your customer, there and then, exactly how your product functions.

On-site Personnel

Our advice is never to compromise on this area of your planning to be at an exhibition.  All of the carefully made plans and investment can be wasted if you do not ensure that the right people are there at the stand to interact with visitors and potential customers.  Ensure competent and knowledgeable people are there to carry the values of your brand and get those results that you are expecting from the event.

Social media

Everyone is using social media these days so do not miss out on the opportunity to feature on one or more social media sites. Access to Wi-Fi is key so discuss this with your event organiser to make sure you are connected and that visitors can connect too and share the brand messaging that you are conveying.  Develop a hashtag in synchronisation with your goals to help you measure your reach as well as to help people find you even after the event.

Below are some examples of effective stand design from Reed Exhibitions’ events.

The Business Entrepreneurship & Franchise Expo is a platform for franchisors and small and medium enterprises to interact with entrepreneurs and meet potential partners, suppliers, customers and investors.

Thebe Reed Speakers
Thebe Reed Exhibition
Thebe Reed Exhibition Hall

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