Successful Mind Set | Planning for Success | Reed Exhibitions

One of the core values of the Reed Exhibitions’ team is to have the interests and success of our exhibitors at heart. Working with exhibitors across 41 different industry sectors, the ultimate goal for every exhibitor is to create a success out of the event that can build and sustain momentum towards further success throughout their business.

Whatever success looks like for your organisation, we’ve consolidated some of the most frequently talked about mind sets that, once adopted and developed, can help you achieve your goals.

1. Successful People Stay Curious

No matter what your level of education, you should never stop learning. According to Angie Zimmerman, author of 7 Steps to Master Your Mind to Increase Sales and Boost Productivity, having an endless supply of curiosity is key to seeing beyond what is in front of you, discovering what you are truly capable of and keeping yourself in a growth mind set.

2. Successful People Understand that they Have Control over Their Lives

Even though you may not be in control of what gets put in your path, you can always and only control yourself and how you react to life’s challenges. By controlling your reactions and attitude, you can continue working towards your goals with steadfast motivation.

3. Successful People Focus on One Thing

Brendan Burchard, a #1 New York Times bestselling author on motivation and the use of digital and affiliate marketing speaks about directing your thoughts and energies into one goal and objective at a time, and defining your mission to keep you focussed on the things you need to work on to succeed. “Make fewer decisions… the more decisions that we make, the more our brain becomes fatigued.”

4. Successful people don’t take failure too seriously

Failure is an opportunity to begin again with more knowledge and experience than before. We all experience failure and setbacks, the difference is that successful people don’t perceive this as a struggle. With a successful mind set, you know that failure is part of the journey toward something greater.

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