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#BuyaBusiness expo fast-tracks business ownership

Couple wins franchise, millions in deals concluded at leading franchise expo

The recent #BuyaBusiness expo has fast-tracked business ownership for a number of South Africans – among them, the winners of a new Sherpa Kids after school franchise.

#BuyaBusiness expo showcases leading franchise opportunities. The expo, run by Reed exhibitions takes place alongside the Small Business Expo which builds small business capacity in South Africa.

A highlight of #BuyaBusiness 2016 was the chance to win a Sherpa Kids franchise worth R150,000. Part of a global childcare brand, Sherpa Kids SA first launched in South Africa in 2014 and now operates at over 25 schools in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the North West Province. Sherpa Kids delivers structured, enjoyable after care and holiday programmes at schools.

The winners, Norwin and Lynn Lederer from Morningside, Johannesburg, were selected after a panel assessment. With their strong corporate background and experience in home schooling, the Lederers were declared deserving winners of the franchise package.

“We’re delighted that the #BuyaBusiness Expo could be instrumental in facilitating the launch of this new business opportunity,” says Carol Weaving, Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions. “But this is just one of many new businesses we expect will launch as a result of participation in the #BuyaBusiness and Small Business Expo. Thanks to the active brokering of business relationships, extensive knowledge-sharing and networking, as well as access to hundreds of franchise and business opportunities, we usually see several new businesses and franchises launching as a result of deals concluded and leads generated during the event.”

In 2016, the #BuyaBusiness and Small Business Expos brought in millions of rands in deals for exhibitors and attracted around 7,000 visitors over three days. The expo connects entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to grow, diversify or enter business partnerships with one of the many business and franchise opportunities to be showcased.

The next expo will be staged at the TicketPro Dome from 31 August to 2 September 2017. Over 100 franchises and business opportunities across a variety of sectors will be on show, where aspirant business owners can discover opportunities, attend workshops on business ownership, and speak to business support services and financers about how to go about getting a business up and running.
To reserve exhibition space at South Africa’s most comprehensive business event, visit www.buyabusinessexpo.co.za or contact Tom@ThebeReed.co.za

SA’s leading franchising and business opportunities event signs up millions in new deals

Reed Exhibitions #BuyaBusiness Expo sponsored by Absa brought in millions of rands in deals for a number of exhibitors this year.

The event focused on franchising and business opportunities was staged at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg during September. Built on over 20 years’ experience in running leading small business development events, the new-format #BuyaBusiness expo refreshed its approach to business development, business opportunities and franchising this year.

Reed Exhibitions MD Carol Weaving says the new event name heralded a new approach to business expos, with a stepped up focus on networking opportunities and knowledge sharing. “Our research over the past few years has shown a growing need for practical business advice, in-depth knowledge sharing and the active facilitation of business networking opportunities to help exhibitors and visitors get more out of these events,” she says.

The results were impressive. Approximately 7100 participants attended the event, a large proportion of them already business owners and investors seeking to grow their portfolios. A significant number of orders valued between R51 000 – R5 million were taken during the #BuyABusiness Expo, with the majority of the deals expected to convert within 3 – 12 months. 87.5% of exhibitors reported they were ‘very to completely satisfied’ with the show, 81% said they were likely to rebook for 2017, and 50% of exhibitors rebooked either at the show or directly after the show.

Visitors benefited from in-depth workshops, entrepreneurial master classes and the popular Full on Franchising Theatre, presented by SA Franchise Warehouse, with opportunities on show across a broad range of industry verticals from education and food through to auto spare, and requiring investments from as little as a few thousand rand to millions of rand.

Visitors polled during the event were extremely positive about their experience, with 75.5% of visitors saying they were ‘very likely’ to ‘extremely likely’ to visit the expo again and 68% saying the fact that the Small Business Expo and #BuyaBusiness expo were co-located were beneficial to them.

The #BuyaBusiness Expo is co-located with the Small Business expo, which is hosted in partnership with Eskom. The expos introduced business speed dating and investor networking opportunities, and enhanced the workshop programmes to deliver immense value add. Exhibitors and visitors also benefited from networking circles, online business matchmaking and a networking lounge.

Exhibitors commented:

  • “There were lots of good quality people who understood what the show was all about.” – Sarah Demian, Masscash/Saverite
  • “It was our first time here and we’ve already booked a spot for next year. We must have received two hundred and fifty leads in the first two days!” – Henriette Papenfus, Mathzone Express
  • “We’ve had an exceptional show! We had to bring more people onto our stand to help manage all the visitors to our stand.” – Big Boy Scooters
  • “We were surprised at how many positive responses and quality enquires we’ve received about our product. It was very worthwhile.” – Tiana Conradie, Professional Photo Booths
  • “We’ve been consistently busy and the quality of visitors has been better than at any other show.” – Genevieve Allen, Sherpa Kids

“The success of this year’s event is an indication that times have changed and that exhibitors and visitors alike expect an interactive event experience that delivers measurable business results. Reed Exhibitions will build on this to further enhance these events and deliver even greater value next year,” says Weaving.

#BuyaBusiness Expo and Small Business Expo 2017 will be staged from 31 August – 2 September 2017 at the Ticketpro Dome. For more information and to secure exhibition space, go to www.BuyABusinessExpo.co.za.

Knowledge, business culture key to SA small business development

Government control over small business development cannot guarantee sustainable business development, but knowledge and business know-how will go a long way towards small Business success.

This is according to business experts opening the annual #BuyaBusiness and Small Business Expo at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg.

Tshepo Phakathi – CEO of Phakathi Holdings

Tshepo Phakathi – CEO of Phakathi Holdings, Xhanti Payi – Economist at Nascence Advisory and Research, and Dumisani Bengu – Head of Franchise and Enablement, Business Banking at Barclays Africa, opened the three-day business expos with a panel discussion on factors influencing small business success in South Africa today.

Phakathi noted that South Africa ranked low on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, with only 7 in every 100 adults starting a business. “In contrast, 37 of every 100 in Cameroon start a business,” he said.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reported this year that South Africa’s rate of entrepreneurial activity is a mere quarter of that seen in other sub-Saharan African countries, and in 2014 dropped by a staggering 34% (from 10.6% to 7%). It said the typical South African entrepreneur is male, 25 – 44 years of age, lives in an urban area, is involved in the retail and wholesale sector and has a secondary or tertiary level of education. The experts said addressing South Africa’s unemployment and boosting small business required a greater focus on education. “72% of unemployed South Africans don’t have matric,” Phakathi said. “Therefore, we need a long term strategy focused on education. In the shorter term, we need to look at getting people skilled.”

Payi said South Africans today do not appear to have an entrepreneurial mindset, and that a new focus on business culture had to emerge: “As we became more aspirational, we started thinking the best thing for us would be to work for a big company.” However, he pointed out that in the past, South Africans had tended to run micro enterprises. This indicated that an overly formalised business development environment was not necessary. “It’s possible that regulations are starting to make it harder for very small businesses to start up. We need to step back and allow people to be entrepreneurial,” he said. “Government should facilitate business development, but not govern behaviour. And we need to get past the mentality that says ‘government should do something for us’,” he said.

Access to funding, commonly cited as a key challenge facing start-ups, is not as big a challenge as would-be entrepreneurs think it is, said the panel. The real challenge was making a business case for the funding.

Bengu said Absa saw many would-be entrepreneurs seeking financing, but that not all had a carefully considered business plan. Where they did, he said, the bank stood ready to assist. “You have to have a bankable business plan,” he noted. He recalled a client whose first business plan was written out in lead pencil, but proved to be bankable. “We funded the business and supported it, and it has grown tremendously,” he said.

The business experts agreed that knowledge and education were crucial for small business development and success, however. Payi said: “The education system needs to be more strategic – it needs to package education in such a way that it helps people to think and present ideas, and prepares them for business.”

Phakathi added: “While there is a great deal of information available out there to help small business succeed, we should not confuse availability with accessibility. Just because people can find the information does not mean they understand it. This brings us back to the importance of education.”

Carol Weaving, Managing Director of Reed Exhibitions Decades, echoed this sentiment, saying that over decades of presenting the small business development expos, Reed Exhibitions had noted a growing need for actionable information and knowledge sharing. “As a result, the co-located expos now present in-depth workshops across a broad range of strategic and practical business topics, as well as facilitating networking between entrepreneurs, business support services and investors, giving small businesses access to the information they need to grow sustainably.”

The Small Business Expo and co-located #BuyaBusiness Expo, staged by Reed Exhibitions, are now underway at the Ticketpro Dome in Northriding Johannesburg. Running from the 8th -10th September, the expos are a hub for all businesses, partners, investors and customers. Small Business Expo, in partnership with Eskom is devoted to the development and growth of small and medium enterprises by providing an opportunity for them to market themselves and interact with corporates and investors. #BuyaBusiness expo connects entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to grow, diversify or enter business partnerships with one of the many business and franchise opportunities to be showcased. Valuable information sessions, workshops and business networking opportunities will run throughout both expos.

For more information, go to www.buyabusinessexpo.co.za and www.smallbizexpo.co.za

Supporting SMEs a win-win for everyone

If South Africa is to achieve the goal of 90% of employment opportunities being created by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by 2030, marginalised communities must be empowered and big business needs to open the door to partnerships with emerging business, say local business experts.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming #BuyaBusiness expo and Small Business Expo, business experts say the SME sector presents strong growth opportunities, but that support is needed to ensure these new businesses are sustainable.

Xhanti Payi, head of research at Nascence Advisory and Research, who works with the Eskom Development Foundation to develop entrepreneurs, says it is in the interests of SMEs, big business and communities to support fledgling entrepreneurs. “In a thriving economy, everyone wins. And helping small businesses to their feet is key to developing a thriving economy.” Helping address unemployment and develop new small business should not be seen as a charitable or CSI move, however, but rather as a win-win proposition that helps diversify the big business supplier base and build the economy to the benefit of all. “For example, if the large retailer was prepared to give the potato farmer a chance, and help fund his ability to delivery by paying a percentage of the purchase price upfront; the retailer would both empower the farmer and be in a position to negotiate a discount on the stock it buys.”

He points out that in addition to the hurdle of securing funding, rural and township entrepreneurs who lack conventional ‘business polish’ are at a major disadvantage in negotiations with big business. “Say for example, that a rural potato farmer wants to become a supplier to a retailer – how does he access the right networks of people, how does he negotiate?”

Payi says the Eskom Development Foundation, through its various small business development programmes and Business Investment Competition, makes a significant contribution towards stimulating economic development and job creation.

“We see many young people with great ideas and high levels of enthusiasm – we aim to help them turn this into bankable business plans they can execute. By helping young entrepreneurs learn vital business, communications and marketing skills and access valuable business networks, we are making a visible difference to communities,” Payi explains.

Finalists of Eskom’s Business Investment Competition have the opportunity to exhibit their businesses at the Small Business Expo at the TicketPro Dome next month.

Franchising – big opportunities for the right investors

Big brand franchises, particularly in FMCG retail and fuel, offer a lower-risk and potentially lucrative entry to business for many, says Kobus Oosthuizen, CEO of the SA Franchise Warehouse.

However, he notes that relevant experience is crucial for the entrepreneur considering buying a franchise: “You have to have hands-on experience in the sector you want to operate in. With the right experience and attitude, securing funding to buy a franchise and approval from the franchisor becomes much easier.”

Oosthuizen says the SA Franchise Warehouse works with many would-be franchise owners to help them assess their suitability for franchise ownership and prepare them for the realities of life as a franchise owner. “This is not an opportunity for someone who is already in a well-paid job and simply looking to escape from the 9 to 5 grind.” Although becoming a franchisee, provides a useful start to any aspirant business owner, true entrepreneurs are not ultimately suited to franchise ownership either, he says. “True entrepreneurs want to do their own thing. Within a franchise, there are rules and procedures laid out in order to help the business to succeed. The price you pay for this lower-risk entry to business ownership is that there is little room to innovate.” Franchise ownership is, however, ideal for those who have extensive bottom-up experience in the chosen sector,  who are prepared to work long hours, and who accept that they will be last in the salary payment chain.

The SA Franchise Warehouse will unpack the facts around franchise ownership and help would-be franchise owners determine if franchises are suited to them, during a series of full-day workshops at the upcoming #BuyaBusiness expo at the TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg. For more information about the Full On Franchising Theatre Workshops, go to https://www.reedexpoafrica.co.za/buyabusinessexpo/full-on-franchising-2/

The #BuyaBusiness Expo offers one-stop business opportunities, franchise opportunities, business tools, information and networking for anyone considering starting their own business or franchise, and for those already in business and looking to expand.

The Small Business Expo, proudly supported by Eskom is devoted to the development and growth of small and medium enterprises by providing an opportunity for them to market themselves and interact with corporates, investors and buyers. The expos will be staged at the Ticketpro Dome in Northriding Johannesburg from the 8th -10th September 2016. Entrance is free if you register online. Visit www.buyabusinessexpo.co.za

Reed Exhibitions uncovers SA’s most entrepreneurial sectors

Local entrepreneurs see agriculture, services and the automotive industry as some of the sectors with the most growth potential, according to research by Reed Exhibitions.

In research conducted among 2,000 visitors pre-registering for the upcoming #BuyaBusiness expo and Small Business Expo taking place at the TicketPro Dome in September, Reed Exhibitions found the largest proportions of respondents were looking for new business opportunities in these sectors.

Among those pre-registering for the Small Business Expo 2016, 33% were interested in investing in services industries, 24% were interested in investing in agriculture businesses and 11% were seeking manufacturing opportunities. Among those registering for the #BuyaBusiness expo, the largest proportion (17.8%) was interested in automotive sector opportunities, followed by fast food and restaurants (13.3%). Construction and computer and cellular opportunities were also in demand.

Of the would-be entrepreneurs polled, 29% already have capital to invest in a business and 71% would be interested in talking to a financial institution. The majority of entrepreneurs registering to attend the expos already own their own businesses, with 24% in business for three years or more.

Carol Weaving, MD of Reed Exhibitions, says these findings illustrate the fact that business opportunities exist in sectors across the board. “It is also clear from the research that information sharing and networking are crucial for small business,” she says. “We found that 85% of survey respondents were both looking for business opportunities and planning to attend workshops and networking opportunities at these events.”

Weaving notes that this growing need for information, mentoring and networking opportunities has prompted Reed Exhibitions to evolve its small business expo model over the years, to step up information sharing and workshops designed to improve small business sustainability and success. The #BuyaBusiness expo and Small Business Expo now also play an active role in relationship brokering and matchmaking – connecting entrepreneurs, investors and service providers.

“We have also taken into account the potential high growth sectors for franchises and small business opportunities, and included in this year’s expos of opportunities in automotive & manufacturing; construction & related services; education & training, FMCG retail; food & beverage; services; property; recruitment and renewable energy,” says Weaving.

#BuyaBusiness Expo offers one-stop business opportunities, franchise opportunities, business tools, information and networking for anyone considering starting their own business or franchise, and for those already in business and looking to expand.

The Small Business Expo, proudly supported by Eskom is devoted to the development and growth of small and medium enterprises by providing an opportunity for them to market themselves and interact with corporates, investors and buyers. The expos will be staged at the Ticketpro Dome in Northriding Johannesburg from the 8th -10th September 2016. Entrance is free if you register online. Visit www.buyabusinessexpo.co.za

Investors to get VIP treatment at #BuyaBusiness expo

Business investors and key franchise players are set to enjoy VIP treatment as members of #THEClub at the upcoming #BuyaBusiness expo in Johannesburg.

#BuyaBusiness expo, presented by Reed Exhibitions from 8 – 10 September 2016 at the Ticketpro Dome at Northgate, will showcase leading franchises and a broad range of business opportunities, bringing franchise operators, investors and would-be entrepreneurs together for knowledge-sharing and networking.

#THEClub, an exclusive community open to selected investors, multi-unit franchisees, master franchisees or entrepreneurs motivated to develop a franchise or business opportunity, offers members multiple benefits at the expo and ongoing exclusive business and networking opportunities. #THECub is affiliated with similar investor clubs in France, Indonesia and South Korea.

Carol Weaving, Managing Director at Reed Exhibitions, says #THEClub is the latest in a series of innovations to keep Reed Exhibitions’ and franchising expos in line with global trends. “It is no longer enough to simply showcase opportunities: now, business expo participants expect real business deliverables. In line with this, #THEClub is designed to maximise the value investors and key franchisors gain from #BuyaBusiness expos.”

#THEClub members will benefit from the following services before, during and after the #BuyaBusiness Expo:

  • Access to the event online diary to schedule appointments at the expo.
  • Invitations to all investor club networking cocktails throughout the year.
  • Tickets to concerts at the Ticketpro Dome as well as tickets to sport suites hosted by Reed Exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Priority Access and VIP Parking at the #BuyaBusiness Expo.
  • Access to the Investors Club Lounge throughout the event with catering and complimentary drinks. (Lounge includes a Cloakroom, internet, and concierge services).
  • Access to business ‘speed dating’.
  • Investors will be reimbursed for any of the paid seminars attended at the expo.
  • Shuttle service to and from the airport.

“Being a member of the #THEClub enhances the expo experience and introduces business investors and franchise key players to an exclusive community where they can develop valuable new business networks,” says Weaving.

Applications for membership of #THEClub close on 5 August 2016. For more information and to apply for membership, click here.

#BuyaBusiness Expo and the Small Business Expo connects entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to grow, diversify or enter into business ownership.The expos present franchise and business opportunities, business tools, services, information and prospective partnership and procurement opportunities. The expos will showcase businesses across a wide range of sectors. Entrance is free if you register online. For more information about the #BuyaBusiness expo and the co-located Small Business Expo, go to www.buyabusinessexpo.co.za and www.smallbizexpo.co.za