What event managers can do to ensure a successful event

Reed Exhibitions has a defined commitment to exhibitions and events that is renowned for achieving significant ROI for all stakeholders who are investing in the growing number of award-winning exhibition titles now in the portfolio.  In addition to highly successful events and exhibitions, Reed Exhibitions manages one of South Africa’s premier venues, Ticketpro Dome, in Johannesburg, which was recently ranked second in the Top500 Companies. (Exhibition and Conference Facilities category).

Delivering a large trade fair or exhibition is more than just offering exhibition stands to clients.  It takes strategic team work and resourceful planning.

The key advice for event managers lies in approaching the project as a campaign and creating a strategic path that starts 10/12 months in advance.  The goals and timelines need to be clearly defined and a content marketing plan finalised all culminating in measurement tools and analytics.

Our tips and recommendations to event planners are:

  • Define your goals and objectives
  • Create a working plan with ongoing targets that can be measured
  • Know your competition and find the USP’s that make your event stand out above the others
  • Research the needs of your stakeholders (exhibitors and visitors)
  • Establish a sound relationship with the key people at the venue and ensure absolute understanding of the regulations, and key compliance issues
  • Create a clear brand message for the event, and develop communications plans to ensure this permeates throughout all communications platforms. Revisit and revise on a regular basis as and when things change and develop
  • Contract professional partners that can augment your efforts, e.g. a PR agency, ad agency etc.
  • Engage with the leaders of the particular business sector to which your event is aimed. This will enhance your efforts to remain relevant to the topics and issues that prevail at that time.  Industry leaders can also assist in distributing your targeted messages to the right people and endorsing the event
  • Attend as many industry functions and seminars as possible in order to establish relationships, canvass possible partners, sponsors and visitors in the sector
  • Continuously measure the outcomes of your efforts as this will supply very important intelligence that will keep you focused on your objectives
  • Allow for some flexibility with clients in order to meet their specific needs
  • Be prepared to develop plan B, C and sometimes D, in the lead up to your event
  • Be prepared for long hours (particularly closer to the event), and keep your sense of humour in tact!

The team at Reed Exhibitions are proud of our positive attitude, optimism and flexibility.  Our team work is the backbone that helps us achieve the outcomes we aim for.  Our growing events calendar and the positive feedback we receive on an ongoing basis is testimony to this.

To explore ways in which we can help you make your events and exhibitions successful, please get in touch with us.